The Harmonizer Cartridge



  • Eliminates Mineral Deposits
  • Unpleasant Odors Removed
  • Better Water Clarity

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Water Line Harmonizer








  • Enhanced Plant Growth & Vitality
  • Increased Crop Yield
  • Increased Brix Levels
  • Reduced Plant Stress
  • Reduced Pipe & Nozzle Scale
  • Improved Spray Results
  • Reduced Pesticide/Herbicide/Fertilizers Use
  • One Time Investment – Nothing To Wear Out Or Replace

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Harmonizer Wrap










  • Athletes report enhanced strength, balance and mental acuity
  • Protects against cellphone EMF and other stress causing EMF
  • Placing the Harmonizer Wrap around a cup, glass or bottle of any beverage enhances flavor
  • When traveling, place the Harmonizer Wrap around a faucet or showerhead
  • Users report enhanced sleep and pain relief

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Harnessing Nature

Modern technologies and chemicals are not congruent with nature and the 21st century lifestyle hinders access to natural energies which are vital for good health. Greenfield Naturals Harmonizers bring nature to you by harnessing elemental, mineral and other natural energies to enhance health and productivity for plants, animals, people and the environment.

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Product Reviews

Makes My Tap Water Taste Great!

First time in 10 years I’ve been able to drink the water. It’s hard to believe! This is exciting!  – Ron


My Pool Is Beautiful! IcoRating5

After setting my cartridge in the skimmer, chlorine use was cut in half, pump pressure went from 35lbs to 20lbs, weekly backwashing ceased for the entire season, slime on tile disappeared and the yellow staining on the steps is now gone! It’s a miracle! No more chlorine smell in the pool area, no more dry skin and the water has a soft feel to it. I am simply amazed and have never experienced anything like this before with any product. It’s a miracle! – Bernie Lofchick