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A New Concept In Water Conditioning 


Pipes, pumps and chemicals all deplete water of life giving energies resulting in functionally “dead” water. Our water conditioning cartridges contain a matrix of natural elements, minerals and information rich spring water which work to condition water without the use of chemicals, electricity, magnets or filters. Our entire product line is maintenance free.


Product Reviews

These are typical comments we receive from our customers

Water Use

  •  Improved Water Taste & Feel
  • Elimination Of Hard Water Deposits & Unpleasant Odors
  • Enhanced Water Clarity

Electric Breaker Panel Use

  • Sleeping Better  & Waking Up With More Energy

Refrigerator Use

  • Enhanced Taste of Food & Drink

Vehicle Use

  • More Calm When Driving

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Office Use

  • Office Atmosphere Seemed Less Stressed

Travel Use

  • Hung It In The Shower and Behind The Faucet
  • Never Leave Home Without It 

Pool / Spa Use

  • Average Chlorine Reduction 50%
  • No More Dry Skin
  • Chlorine Odor Gone
  • Stains & Scum Gone or Reduced
  • Lower Pump Pressure Resulting In Longer Pump Life
  • Crystal Clear Water
  • Backwashing Eliminated
  • Placed It In The Skimmer & Maintenance Free

Farm Use

  • unnamed

    Enhanced Plant Growth & Vitality

  • Increased Crop Yield
  • Increased Brix Levels
  • Reduced Plant Stress
  • Reduced Pipe & Nozzle Scale
  • Improved Spray Results
  • Reduced Pesticide/Herbicide/Fertilizers Use
  • One Time Investment – Nothing To Wear Out Or Replace
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Farm Applications

  • Irrigation Lines Up 12″
  • Pivots
  • Drip Lines
  • Sprayers
  • Recirculation Tanks

Pivot Irrigation Apparatus

For water conditioning in large water supply applications, our Vortex Wrap Array is offered in a commercial version. The elongated vortex cartridges displayed in this image were designed for an 8″ water supply line feeding a pivot irrigator. These units are placed around the outside of the water supply line which is first wrapped with a mineral mat and will work to condition the water as it flows by the vortex wrap array. Installations for all agricultural applications are presently undergoing field trials.

Vortex Pivot Harmonizer

The Harmonizer Placement Suggestions

Check out Update #1 in the sidebar under “Additional Reading”, for two interesting stories about what happened after placing our water conditioning cartridge on their water line.
Best investment you’ll ever make for your pool or spa.
Conditioning cartridge placed on top of the electric panel in the garage. All man-made electricity is harmful to life and depletes our life enhancing natural biological energy.
Conditioning cartridge placed on top of the electric meter box on the exterior of the house. The cartridge can withstand freezing temperatures.  Smart meters like the one above are hazardous to health, yet all the power companies have no regard for these concerns.
This water conditioner is taped to the incoming water supply line in the basement.  It works on combined chlorine to eliminate it’s toxic effects. Chlorinated water contributes to cancer and other diseases.
This cartridge is stored in the fridge.  Most every food source today has been tainted by chemicals, corrupt EMF and mineral deficiencies.
This cartridge is sitting on the countertop in the kitchen. Fluorescent lights, microwaves & all electric appliances emit harmful, life depleting EMF.
This conditioner cartridge is sitting on top of the water heater and right underneath the HVAC.  Even HVAC systems operate in a manner that depletes air of negative ions which are health enhancing.
This cartridge is on the nightstand. The conditioning cartridge enhances sleep for some people, while others become energized.  Electric clocks put out a lot of corrupt EMF, so be sure to keep them at least a foot or more from your head.
This cartridge stays in the car. Were you aware that cars are a notorious emitter of harmful EMF created by the onboard computer system, built in bluetooth, electric ignition systems and steel belted tires generate EMF as they turn.
This conditioner cartridge is sitting on a stand up desk just underneath a laptop computer.  Save your back and use a stand up desk and make sure you and your computer are grounded.
Wireless routers generate RF (radio waves) which is toxic to all cells. Natural EMF generated by the Harmonizer piggybacks WiFi RF, providing the environment with beneficial, natural EMF which isn't toxic but health enhancing.
Wireless routers generate RF (radio waves) which is toxic to all cells. Natural EMF generated by the conditioning cartridge piggybacks WiFi RF, providing the environment with beneficial, natural EMF which isn’t toxic but health enhancing. The aluminum screen acts as a faraday cage reducing toxic RF.
This is one of our newest products. Customers report enhanced strength, balance and mental focus. Presently 50% off retail price.
This is one of our newest products. Customers report enhanced strength, balance and mental focus. Presently 50% off retail price.

Product Reviews


Makes My Tap Water Taste Great! 


First time in 10 years I’ve been able to drink the water. It’s hard to believe! This is exciting!  - Ron 

My Pool Is Beautiful! 



Bernie Lofchick

After setting the Harmonizer in the skimmer, chlorine use was cut in half, pump pressure went from 35lbs to 20lbs, weekly backwashing ceased for the entire season, slime on tile disappeared and the yellow staining on the steps is now gone! It’s a miracle! No more chlorine smell in the pool area, no more dry skin and the water has a soft feel to it. I am simply amazed and have never experienced anything like this before with any product. It’s a miracle! – Bernie Lofchick

Can’t Wait To Use These For My Energy Work 

Barbara Rose

As an energy practitioner myself, just picking up the conditioning cartridge was the moment when I knew the energetic power of the unit. As I held the Harmonizer, I could feel the energy emanating from the unit into my hands – a strong vibration that created a new energetic flow in my body. I can’t wait to use this in my practice and allow others to feel this palpable energy for themselves – directly in alignment with the intention of my business. – Barbara Rose

Cured Headache Immediately 


The conditioning cartridge was placed next to area where pain is felt on head and just gave it a few minutes, worked for me twice to neutralize the pain. I use it in the bath to enhance the water from my tap and place it daily on the wall opposite the breaker box to help neutralize unhealthy emf waves emitted into the house via electrical wiring. Rita Childers

My Kids Love The Harmonizer! 


When I wake my kids up in the morning and they tell me “I don’t know why I feel so good,” I know the cartridge under the covers is working for my family. Thank you for this incredibly natural invention! – Summer Baugh

In My Truck 


I drive truck for a living and whenever I’m on the road, the conditioning cartridge is by my side. I’m not bothered as much by careless drivers and seem to be more calm. Can’t say for sure that it’s the Harmonizer but I won’t give it up for anything. – Kurt

Corn Growing Experiment 

Ozark Mtn Orchard

Planted twelve sweet corn seeds into one gallon containers, watering one with tap water and the other with energized tap water.   Both containers sprouted and broke through at day five. The structured watered plants were 1/4 – 3/8″ taller and grew noticeably taller as time went on. At ten days I decided to thin the plants to three per container. The non-energized watered plants broke off at the surface when thinning. The energized watered plants stayed together with the root system intact. It was obvious that the energized watered plants were stronger with a more advanced root system. I also noticed that water treated with the Harmonizer was clearer than non-treated water. - Paul of Ozark Mountain Orchard

Milk & Coffee Never Tasted Better! 



I placed the Harmonizer in the refrigerator next to the milk and this the best tasting milk I’ve had since I left the farm 65 years ago. Everything in the refrigerator tastes better. I have set it  next to a plastic container of well water, the water tastes better and it makes great coffee too. The other cartridge I have placed in bed so the wife and I sleep with it close to us. It seems to have given me more energy.

*Travel Warning: If you choose to keep your conditioning cartridge  in your carry-on luggage while going through airport security, please have ready access to website for product documentation or download a brochure from the sidebar.

*Please read our Shipping & Returns policies for full refund and warranty details.