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SOIL HARMONY - continued

However, modern agriculture has introduced technologies that have disrupted and changed the components of the electrical matrix for soils and plants causing disharmony (chaos) in all life forms that depend on soil for sustenance.  Chaos in soils transmits chaos to everything it comes in contact with, transferring from the soil media to the roots and shoots and seeds.

Dr. William A. Albrecht, former chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri, warned that growing plants in a soil with insufficient fertility due to lack of organic material, major and trace minerals and an imbalanced electrical matrix would be the cause of poor crop quality and in turn promote pathological conditions in animals and eventually people.

Linus Pauling, the only person to ever win two Nobel Prizes in the field of Biotechnology also stated, “You can trace every disease and every infection to a mineral deficiency from unequally yoked energy fields.” Energies of minerals have been scoured from agricultural  sites in the past several decades as assuredly as if they have been vacuumed out of a family room carpet. When the pioneer farmer first began plowing the plains of the Midwest there was more than six feet of topsoil containing an abundance of minerals. Today there is much less and most of the base or matrix is gone.

Additionally, there are no treatments, such as nitrogen fertilizers, mineral combos, microbial products or growth regulating hormones that can alone restore soil health and the electrical matrix. Structured water works as a primary nutrient and a catalyst to balance the necessary energy within the soil, which then begins to mitigate the cause of many plant and animal diseases.

Water which is structured and energized via vortexing and information transfer gets to the root of the cause  and corrects it, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Electromagnetically balanced water promotes equal concentrations of soil energy thus fortifying the natural balance of minerals. This in turn increases production of the carbohydrates that plants produce leading to enhanced tissue strength and improved disease and pest resistance, while also helping to neutralize high soil salt indexes that deplete beneficial soil organisms.

Other benefits of balanced electromagnetism within the soil structure are oxidation reduction in stalks, mulch and organic matter which facilitates their absorption into the soil and increases the development of soil humus. Humates in turn work to decontaminate toxic soils and stimulate and nourish soil organisms. This promotes the ability of soil microorganisms and earthworms to break up compacted subsurface areas, thereby promoting more extensive root development and increased water retention within the soil. This multi-level combination of positive reactions restores health and vigor to soils, plants, animals and ultimately, human beings..

Side note: I found this article, (which I revised), in my archives and it was originally written by a water physiologist and ag consultant, Gordy Jordhal, who in my early years of working with structured water, helped me to better understand the life enhancing qualities of structured water.