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A Revelation While In India

Gary Greenfield

A Harmonizer Water Structuring Unit will benefit even a pristine farm in India

In the summer of the 2013, I was invited to India by a business group who were interested in bringing our structured water technology to their country.  We spent five weeks touring farms and giving talks which were always accompanied by demonstrations which served as visual aids to help these farmers understand the concepts surrounding water and energy.

During one of our tours to a very beautiful coffee growing region of India, we visited a coffee plantation.  As we drove up to the house situated in the midst of a plantation of lush forest and coffee trees, I looked up to see a huge cell phone tower situated right next to house where our meeting was to be held. This sight was so troubling to me and I began to prayerfully contemplate how this plantation owner, his family and his workers could be be protected  from the toxic effects of this cellphone tower. 

After my talk and demonstration, I decided to try an experiment. I did a muscle test on the plantation owner by having him hold his right arm out to his side while asking him to resist with all his might while I faced him and pressed down on his wrist with two fingers. He proved very strong and I couldn’t budge his arm. I then asked him to place his left hand over a light switch while performing the same muscle test. This time I barely pressed at all and he went totally weak. I then had someone take a mineral bracelet and place it against the cover of the breaker box where electrical power entered into the house. We then performed the muscle test again and the gentleman was as strong as an ox. We did it a few times to confirm the results and since then I have added this simple exercise to my show and tell presentation.  I do believe my prayer was answered very quickly as to how this gentleman could protect himself and his family from corrupt EMF created by cellphones and AC electrical systems. 

The Harmonizer Wrist Wrap has also proved effective in improving balance, strength and mental acuity with athletes who have tested it. The muscle test can also be done to show how the Harmonizer Wrist Wrap protects against harmful cell phone EMF.  We have also received customer reports of pain relief and sleep enhancement.