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Chlorinated Water: Silent Killer

Gary Greenfield

A Harmonizer Water Structuring Unit negates the toxic effects of chlorine


Chlorine is listed as a naturally occurring element on the periodic table but in nature, chlorine exists only in combination with other elements, primarily sodium, creating sodium chloride which is salt. Modern science has discovered that salt can be electrocuted, resulting in isolation of the chlorine element. On the other hand, nature has dictated that when chlorine is forcefully divorced from it’s natural relationship with sodium, they will be hell to pay.


The presence of chlorine in public utility water is the number one cause of cancer in America today, (a well kept secret), yet chlorination remains the water treatment of choice for 98% of American communities and this tragic phenomena is ignored by regulatory agencies and capitalised by the water filtration industry and the health care establishment, resulting in the victimisation and impoverishment of the masses.         

Chlorine in its isolated state as a single element is highly reactive and toxic and when chlorinated water enters the human digestive system, (all the more so, a healthy one!), like a magnet, it attaches itself to organic matter such as supplements, fruits, vegetables, other foods, juices and herbal remedies. The end result of a dysfunctional electrical process initiated by misguided chemists, is a toxic cocktail of cancer causing byproducts identified as mutagens. 

Even if you use a water filter or reverse osmosis system you are still very much at risk. Why? Because the detrimental effects of chlorine are contained within the energies (EMF) emitted from the chlorine molecule itself. The chlorine molecule is simply a carrier and transmitter of those energies. Physically removing chlorine molecules in their dysfunctional state provides some protection, but until you remove the harmful energy frequencies, (EMF) which is akin to bad code patterned into your water supply by the chlorine, you haven’t adequately removed its negative effects. 

Think of it this way; your computer generates information posted on the web or sent to friends but destroying the computer doesn’t affect the transmitted information. The information sent from your computer has to be dealt with separately from the computer.  As the harmful information, along with the corrupted chlorine molecules are released back into the external environment they are eventually broken down and neutralised by solar (sun), stellar, (stars) and earth energies, (rocks, minerals, elements, microbes, plants & animals), that bath our environment. 

However, when man corrupted chlorine frequencies remain within the closed, internal system of our body, they cannot be neutralised unless adequate quantities of beneficial solar, stellar and earth energies are made available to the cells of our bodies. 


When combined with chlorinated tap water, even cancer fighting nutrients are converted into harmful substances. Essential disease fighting phyto chemicals and nutrients found in foods such as soy, fruits, vegetables, tea, vitamins and many other health products are transformed into cancer causing agents when combined with the chlorine in tap water. 

According to the U.S. Council on Environmental Quality,“Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than those whose water does not contain chlorine.” The cancer causing agents that are produced are a concern even in concentrations so small that they are extremely difficult to detect. It only takes a tiny amount of chlorine molecules to cause damage, (researchers aren’t acknowledging the emanation of chlorine energies from the chlorine molecule). And when concentrations of phyto chemicals are high, such as in health supplements or fruits and vegetables produced in more fertile soil, the harmful synergy with chlorination actually intensifies.


In 1997, scientists in Finland determined that MX, an unknown mutagen, was 170 times more potent than other known byproducts of chlorination. MX was shown in laboratory studies to damage the thyroid gland as well as to cause cancerous tumors. Chlorine also blocks iodine production in the thyroid gland thus disrupting the production of thyroid hormones. 

Another study conducted at the Harvard Medical School found that women with breast cancer had a 50-60% higher level of chlorine byproducts in their breast tissue than women without breast cancer.


According to Gordy Jordahl, a noted water physiologist, “When showering in warm chlorinated water for just ten minutes, chloroform is absorbed, which penetrates all seven layers of the skin, destroys proteins and then enters the bloodstream six times faster than when drinking chlorinated water.” Soaking in a hot tub or swimming in a chlorinated pool causes similar effects. Dr. Robert Carlson, a highly regarded University of Minnesota researcher, states that chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times.


Mainstream water filter technologies only focus on the physical aspects of toxins, ignoring the energetic effects. The most popular filter technologies de-structure water, de-mineralise water, de-energise water and do nothing to correct or eliminate the corrupted information patterned into water by chlorine, other chemicals, toxins, pipes, pumps and artificial electromagnetic frequencies such as cell phones and cell towers, AC electricity, smart meters, etc.


To properly and effectively deal with organic residuals in our digestive tract which are releasing powerful carcinogens and placing our immune system in a state of stress requires a multifaceted proactive strategy combining education with determination and commitment. Why? Because the governmental, healthcare and industrial agencies and organisations that regulate and guide our lives work against reason and sensibility to make it a continual challenge to protect ourselves from the toxic world in which we live. 

Despite hundreds of studies proving the harmful effects of chlorine, our communities continue by law to use chlorine as their primary method of treating municipal water supplies, mandating that the vast majority of American families, drink, bathe and cook with chlorinated water. To add insult to injury the healthcare industry which should be dedicated to healing us, compounds the problem with the administration and prescription of more toxins.

The first and most important course of action requires a water structuring and energising device that will neutralise and/or eliminate corrupted chlorine compounds in your water supply. This can be accomplished by introducing beneficial, natural, life enhancing (EMF) energies that have the potential to restore spring like qualities to your water. 

By introducing natural, mineral, elemental and rare earth energies into the water supplied to your home, you will be mimicking how nature works to clean and rejuvenate water. Renowned “Water Scientist” Victor Schauberger explained, “Water is the life blood of the earth. When water is healthy, it has a complex structure that enables it to communicate information, carry energy, nutrients and healing, to self-cleanse and discharge wastes.”


Develop a routine of daily exposure to sunlight and fresh air accompanied by an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle, avoiding the use of sunscreens which typically contain carcinogenic compounds. The sun doesn’t cause cancer but it does facilitate the release of toxins in our bodies and those toxins need to be flushed from our systems with energised water. The sun (as do all natural EMF) acts upon all life forms and environments on the planet to clean, feed and protect. Modern healthcare has it’s backwards, calling the sun, a carcinogen, while labeling toxic cancer treatments, cancer eliminators.

Eat a daily diet of chemical free, preferably locally grown whole foods, grown in healthy environments and properly prepared. Our modern misunderstanding of the beneficial aspects of microbes, (resulting in the introduction of pasteurisation and refrigeration), has contributed tremendously to a continuing downward decline in the health of our families. Fermented food and beverages should be taken with every meal and it would serve our families well to become educated on the subject of food and beverage fermentation.

Grounding is another important practice providing our bodies with the natural EMF energies required to offset the harmful effects of chlorine and other man-created corrupt EMF energies. Our modern lifestyle has kept us from nature and connecting with the earth. For instance, did you know that touching dirt, either by walking barefoot or in natural footwear, (not rubber or synthetic soles), or/and by working the dirt with your hands, (as in gardening), and by sunbathing with direct skin contact to the earth, is a tremendous aid bringing balance and rejuvenation to your physical, mental and emotional functions.

Our modern world has provided us with many conveniences that our ancestors never knew but it has also served to sever us from many blessings our ancestors most likely took for granted, such as clean water, fresh air, chemical free foods and closeness to nature and unless we find ways to reintroduce nature as it was meant to be back into our lives, our quality of life is going to suffer tremendously and it will be even more so for our children. 

Greenfield Naturals is committed to providing our customers with energy products that will enhance health and vitality for plants, animals, people and their environments.