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Kangen Water: A Closer Look

Gary Greenfield

Alkaline water created by a Kangen Machine isn't natural water, it's deceptive water.

Alkaline water is created when minerals such as calcium and magnesium mingle with water in the earth. Alkaline water can also be created by exposing water to similar minerals in a controlled environment such as a mineral pitcher or cartridge. Both of these methods produce stable, health enhancing, alkaline pH water which is the kind of water our bodies thrive on. A third way of creating alkaline water is accomplished without minerals using electricity to split the water molecules and create an artificially alkaline water. This unnatural method creates an unstable pH that tricks the body into thinking it is receiving minerals when it is not.

Kangen Water Research

Research has shown time and again that, (as in all pharmaceuticals), when creating a product that is contrary to natural processes, the short term benefits will always be accompanied by long term harmful side effects. The short term benefits of artificially created alkaline water are increased tissue hydration and more available antioxidants; while the reported long term side effects are nervous tension, urinary tract and bladder infections and over-alkalization of the digestive tract. Studies on rats conducted by the National Institutes of Health (see links below) also revealed that artificially created alkaline water was injurious to cardiac tissue.  Knowing this, why would anyone ever choose to drink artificially ionized water?

Ultimately, alkalinity isn’t only one characteristic to consider when choosing your water source. The water that most closely mimics what nature produces is going to be your best choice. The Harmonizer uses 100% natural energies to create health-enhancing water with no harmful side effects and what our experiences are telling is that energized water trumps synthetic and electrically induced alkaline water every time because naturally energized water has the God-given intelligence to bring healthy balance to the cellular terrain.

Cardiac studies:

Further reading about alkaline water: