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Water And Light

Gary Greenfield

In the beginning, all water was perfectly informed, structured, energized. Man eventually corrupted nature as a consequence of not honoring God

My passion is studying water but not in a laboratory with elaborate instruments but in nature watching the effects of invisible forces on water and then creating products from those observations that can benefit plants, animals, people and the environment.

Water is what we are composed of along with created light and the uncreated light of God’s breath breathed into us. All elements on the periodic table are constructed of the hydrogen element. The definition for hydrogen is: water in the beginning.

All creation groans for redemption because all creation is composed of water and thus connected. The grievous reverberations of man’s fall in the garden spread throughout all creation and is with us until redemption is complete with the return of Christ.

God used two ingredients to create the world and the cosmos: water and light. Creation is made up of water and light in different densities, configurations and combinations.

Mankind lives in a perpetually ungrateful state and because of mankind’s brokenness, we are continually given over to destroying what God has made, whether it be our fellow man or the environment. Mankind was judged once before by water and the earth was flooded and only Noah, his family and the animals on the ark survived God’s just judgement.

Because of our wretched condition, mankind will be once more be judged and it will be a final judgement by fire. This time God will provide another ark and it will be Christ Himself. All those that enter into the Ark of Christ will be saved from the eternal fires prepared for the Evil one, the demons and all those that refuse to bow to Christ, Lord of the universe.

After the final judgement, a new earth and new heavens will be built from the ashes and Christ shall reign forever and all sorrow, tears and violence will be put away never to return again and we shall live forever in peace and harmony with our Creator in a place where the waters will provide refreshment forever and forever.