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Gary Greenfield

Are rocks, minerals and salts inert?

How can a rock emit the energies displayed in these videos?

Are these energies beneficial for our health?

Using an electro photonic camera, we were able take capture images of otherwise invisible energies which are emitted by all elements in their various configurations which make up all matter on earth and in the heavens.

Once you read my ebook and blog posts, you will begin to understand something of what is going on here.  These are pictures of actual electro magnetic frequencies of various shapes, patterns and strengths which are created as unseen light (off the visible scale) as it interacts with various minerals and salts.

The human body is made up of all elements of the periodic table as is everything, everywhere.  We live in a sea of energy and as the energy which is everywhere present interacts with material forms, these various signatures of electro magnetic energies are created.

This is the stuff our cells use as a fuel source. This is stuff that animates all matter and sustains life! Right now our bodies are giving off thousands of different energies wave forms that will influence everything they come into contact with. These waveforms can the piggyback other wave forms and be spread far and wide!