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Gary Greenfield

I was personally involved in this farm trial and observed these farmers acting like giddy kids as they harvested the biggest alfalfa crop in the history of their careers as farmers. Surrounding farm fields were pale green and brown while their field was a vibrant green.

These farmers grow alfafa on the high plains desert of Southern Colorado. They were blown away by the results of using structured water on their 160 acre field of alfalfa.

Pivot speed was doubled and every other spray nozzle was disconnected and they still experienced double the crop yield from previous years with a 75% reduction in water usage.

Having farmed in the area for forty years, they had never seen anything like it and the protein count on this harvest came back the highest count in Colorado history.

As a result of using structured water, no chemicals were applied to the field and pests were non-existent. They also noted the root structure of weeds decreased while the root structure of their alfalfa crop increased and puddles in the field disappeared.