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The Harmonizer Versus A Pour Through Unit

Gary Greenfield

Update: The Harmoniser Has Been Replaced By The Personal Hydro Energiser Cartridge.

The Greenfield Naturals Harmonizer cartridge is a great alternative to the Hydro Energiser for those who don’t have access to their water lines. Although it doesn’t offer the same level of structuring and energising water as the Hydro Energiser, it does provide remarkable results creating soft, clear water along with other surprising uses and benefits.

  • Condo or Apartment-  set beside any water line or top of the water heater
  • Travel-  setting it beside any water line for immediate results
  • Pool & Spa-  cleaner water, less chemicals, more enjoyable water
  • Fridge -  to enhance food and beverages
  • Computer-  to reduce toxic effects of EMF
  • WiFi-  to reduce toxic effects of EMF
  • Night stand-  to enhance your sleep
  • Electrical panel-  to reduce the toxic effects of AC electricity
  • Vehicle-   to protect against harmful EMF generated by the auto electrical and computer systems.
I placed the Harmonizer in the refrigerator next to the milk and this the best tasting milk I’ve had since I left the farm 65 years ago. Everything in the refrigerator tastes better. I have set it next to a plastic container of well water, the water tastes better and it makes great coffee too. The other cartridge I have placed in bed so the wife and I sleep with it close to us. It seems to have given me more energy.
— James S., Wisconsin