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The Harmonizer Versus A Pour Through Unit

Gary Greenfield

Update: The Harmoniser Has Been Replaced By The Personal Hydro Energiser Cartridge.

The Greenfield Naturals Harmonizer cartridge is a great alternative to the Hydro Energiser for those who don’t have access to their water lines. Although it doesn’t offer the same level of structuring and energising water as the Hydro Energiser, it does provide remarkable results creating soft, clear water along with other surprising uses and benefits.

  • Condo or Apartment-  set beside any water line or top of the water heater
  • Travel-  setting it beside any water line for immediate results
  • Pool & Spa-  cleaner water, less chemicals, more enjoyable water
  • Fridge -  to enhance food and beverages
  • Computer-  to reduce toxic effects of EMF
  • WiFi-  to reduce toxic effects of EMF
  • Night stand-  to enhance your sleep
  • Electrical panel-  to reduce the toxic effects of AC electricity
  • Vehicle-   to protect against harmful EMF generated by the auto electrical and computer systems.
I placed the Harmonizer in the refrigerator next to the milk and this the best tasting milk I’ve had since I left the farm 65 years ago. Everything in the refrigerator tastes better. I have set it next to a plastic container of well water, the water tastes better and it makes great coffee too. The other cartridge I have placed in bed so the wife and I sleep with it close to us. It seems to have given me more energy.
— James S., Wisconsin

Water Cures

Gary Greenfield

Seawater contains all 92 elements of the periodic table and these elements along with the force and the sound of waves crashing onto the sands of the beach all work together to structure, cleanse and energise the air, the water and all living forms within the field of influence of these actions. Hanging out on the beach or the near the ocean can do wonders for our health.

Seawater contains all 92 elements of the periodic table and these elements along with the force and the sound of waves crashing onto the sands of the beach all work together to structure, cleanse and energise the air, the water and all living forms within the field of influence of these actions. Hanging out on the beach or the near the ocean can do wonders for our health.

Science is still in its infancy when it comes to understanding the visible and invisible forces contained within the most important substance on earth…water. We are only recently beginning to understand the true mysteries hidden deep within its fundamental, yet elegant design that consists of just two basic elements – hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen is the most abundant and highly energized element in the universe (think sun and rocket fuel). Oxygen has immense cleaning and healing power. Without oxygen, hydrogen cannot fulfill its role as the primary energy source for plants, animals and people. But water can be defined as much more than just a simple chemical combination of oxygen and hydrogen molecules for, in its natural state, it can contain an array of all the earth’s elements, as well as light energies of the sun and the cosmos.

Our Most Important but Most Neglected Resource

Amazing as water is as being the most critically important resource for life on the planet, it is also the most neglected and least understood by man. But for those courageous scientists and inquirers who have chosen to dig deeper into its hidden wonders, amazing new discoveries are routinely being made that are challenging the very foundations of modern science and medicine.  Man has since time immemorial been infatuated with water, seeking to understand it and use it to enhance life and what follows are some examples.

Brief History of Water Cures

The Mesopotamians provided us with the first lasting record of history and on their stone tablets water is presented as sacred and beneficial for healing. Around 500 BC, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, wrote extensively about the healing properties of water. During Roman times, the Emperor Augustus was said to have been cured of a disease that had resisted all other forms of medical treatment by the use of water alone.

Vincent Priessnitz, who lived during the early 1800’s, was the father of hydrotherapy. He was an uneducated, Austrian peasant who achieved world renown by successfully using cold water to cure various illnesses and injuries. He revived and popularized ancient practices that had long been forgotten.

Mineral springs and hot springs which are found in almost every area of the world, have been a major source of healing and rejuvenation for the sick and ailing since ancient times – it was only with the recent emergence of Western medicine that we have witnessed the tragic demise of their use.

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj rediscovered the medicinal powers of water while languishing in an Iranian prison during the Iran Revolution in 1979. Having no medicines available, he chose instead to treat his fellow inmates with prescriptions of water which effected many astounding cures.

Unusual Research

How is it that this clear, innocuous substance we all know as water has such an astounding and beneficial effect on life? The following scientific discoveries may help us to understand and more fully appreciate the hidden mysteries of water and energy.

Research carried out by Nobel Prize winner, Professor Luc Montagnier revealed that water and DNA responded identically to many outside stimuli and can actually be programmed, or “structured”, by electromagnetic and sonic frequencies in the form of photons (light) and phonons (sound waves).

The structuring of water in response to light and sound has also been confirmed by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington, as shown in his groundbreaking work with water through which he continues to disprove the currently held scientific theories surrounding water’s true structure and function.

The findings of Dr. Montagnier and Dr. Pollack were actually influenced by similar discoveries made by the most recent in a long line of water pioneers, Dr. Jacques Benveniste, who, in 1988, discovered that a material substance could be diluted in water and then be completely removed from it, yet the water itself continued to retain the same vibrational frequency as the removed substance, just as the voice of a singer is transferred and stored onto a CD.

Tragically, Dr. Benveniste’s remarkable findings were scoffed at and resulted in him losing his job and reputation, as well as being blacklisted from any further participation in the mainstream scientific community. Nevertheless, he was able to maintain his integrity in the face of insurmountable odds while simultaneously validating his amazing discoveries with only limited resources, funding and support.

In 2002, Dr. Peter Gariaev, director of the Wave Genetics Institute in Moscow, Russia, for the first time in history, successfully managed to directly impact genetic information in the DNA of living rats using only electromagnetic frequencies. The information transfer of healing electromagnetic frequencies resulted in a 90% success rate in the healing and rebuilding of damaged pancreatic tissue. In some of his experiments, the technology used was modified to allow for successful wireless transmission of the healing frequencies to the sick rats at a distance of 20 kilometers (over 12 miles). Extremely weak signals were used yet, astonishingly, the rats’ DNA was able to read and apply the signals, achieving a complete healing in almost every case.

In other remarkable discoveries of water’s mysterious attributes, scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in Germany discovered that the structured water surrounding the DNA molecule actually influences the very structure of the genetic code of life itself. What these researchers determined was that water can absorb, retain and also transmit biological information from one source to another by using electromagnetic frequencies. Their results confirm earlier, on-going, research started in 1951 by Dr. Piccardi of Italy verifying water’s extreme receptivity to subtle cosmic energy influences.

Ultimately, these scientific discoveries could indicate that water functions as an intelligently designed, universal communication system, with the ability to receive, retain and transmit vital, life-sustaining information to all living systems on the planet.

Re-Writing Science

As the world’s scientific community begins to appreciate the implications of the aforementioned body of research touched upon in this article, our science books will need to be rewritten. Additionally, with an expanded awareness of the awe-inspiring, mysterious role water plays in the invisible and visible realms of life support processes, new water technologies that create life-enhancing tools and products benefiting medicine, agriculture, public health, energy and transportation are emerging. At Greenfield Naturals, we are excited to be a part of this new science of water enhancing technologies building products that structure and energized water.


Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj: The Water Cure

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Dr. Giorgio Piccardi : Water as a Resonant Medium for Unusual External Environmental Factors

Dr. Jacques Benveniste: Digital Biology and the Memory Effect of Water

Dr. Luc Montagnier: DNA Replication at a Distance

Dr. Peter Gariaev: Wave Genetics

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf: How Water Shapes DNA

Jethro Kloss: Hippocrates and the Water Cure

Vladimir Emelianov: The Ritual of Water-Consecration in Sumerian Texts

Product Guide For Water Treatment

Gary Greenfield

The following “Water Treatment Product Guide” provides a brief overview of well known and not so well known water conditioning and treatment technologies for both home, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. 

Overview of Water Treatment Methods



This water softener creates toxic, chaotic water stripped of life enhancing energies. To create healthy structured water and energises water requires vortexing and natural EMF.

This is the common type of softening technology promoted by companies such as Ecowater, Culligan, Kenitico, GE, Whirlpool, Sears and Home Depot. Resin based ion exchange systems create polluting salt infused waste water while removing the two most important minerals necessary for good health, calcium and magnesium. Contrary to mainstream opinions and misdirected research, problems associated with hard water are a consequence of water having been stripped of its energy due to pipes, pumps and toxic chemicals. As noted in this buying guide, water can be re-energized by a variety of beneficial structuring methods without the need to remove beneficial minerals from the water. Most of these salt based water softening systems have electrical parts which require servicing and replacement from time to time as well as the need to keep the storage tank filled with salt or potassium. This type of system does indeed eliminate mineral buildup in pipes and appliances but it also contributes to chaotic, destructured, de-energized and unhealthy water for plants, people and animals.

There are salt free softener systems that convert calcium and magnesium to nanno particles which will pass through the water supply system without sticking to pipes or surfaces.  

The Hydro Energiser softens water using 100% natural means, returning water to it's natural state. When water is structured and activated, the minerals are no longer a nuisance and become an asset working to clean, feed and protect everything within their field of influence. Scale is eliminated in spite of minerals still being present in the water. 


Magnets can create structured water. Some work better than others.

Magnets are placed in a strategic location directly onto the pipe and require no monthly maintenance and typically will carry a ten year guarantee. The magnets ability to soften water will vary greatly depending on the size, strength, type and manufacturer of the magnets. In spite of its efficacy, magnet technology remains a dubious product with the American consumer and this is primarily due to the pervasive marketing efforts of the larger water softener companies whose residual income can be affected by these products.

The Hydro Energiser works on a similar principle of magnetism but on a broader scale using electromagnetism with the difference being that the electromagnetic properties contained within the Hydro Energiser are all natural and not man-made.  Consequently, these electromagnetic energies (EMF) impart a broader array of energies to the water resulting in a more benefits in regards to health and productivity for plants, animals and people.



Why use electricity to structure water when you can do it naturally?

Electricity can also be used to magnetise water and the two most popular companies selling these type of systems are Easy Water and Aqua Genesis. A magnetic field is created around a water pipe using electric current. These systems come in different sizes depending on water hardness and typically carry a ten year warranty. One draw back of these type of water treatment devices is that if treated water passes through another electrical field, the water will lose the benefits imparted to it by the treatment device.

Why use electricity to magnetise when magnets can do the same thing with no moving parts or electricity? Better yet the Hydro Energiser can provide a broader array of benefits for water than magnets or electricity.  Additionally, Hydro Energised water is more stable and will retain its structured and energised state for a longer period of time than magnetically or electrically energised water. 


Mineral cartridges can structure water but they dissolve and need routine replacement. 

Water treatment and softening using minerals is a superior option to salt based and electrical systems in that more can be done to enhance the health effects of the water with minerals and mineral cartridges can also be used to correct the mineral deficiency in water caused by reverse osmosis and salt based water softeners. Treating, conditioning, energising and structuring water with sacrificial minerals is the method of choice in Asian countries but in America, the old school technologies still have a stronghold which is maintained by aggressive and slick marketing campaigns. Water People and Biocera are Korean companies that deal primarily in sacrificial mineral water treatment options. 

The Hydro Energiser also uses minerals to soften, structure and energise water. The difference is that the minerals in the Hydro Energiser never need replacing. Why? the Hydro takes advantage of homeopathic principles which use only the energetic signature of the minerals to impart the benefits of the minerals to the water. Identical effects are enjoyed by these mineral cartridges are also realised with the Hydro Energiser without the need to ever replace minerals. 


Electrically ionized water is deceptive. To structure water properly can only be done by mimicking nature in every aspect. 

Ionised water was made popular by the Japanese who borrowed the technology from the Russians who invented the process. A water ioniser separates water into alkaline water and acid water using a process known as electrolysis which can also be defined as electrocution.  Essentially it forces water into a structured state and tricks the body into believing it’s receiving pH balanced water. In order for this process to take place, minerals must be present in the water. This process is only feasible for creating small batches of water typically promoted as medical alkaline water. Ionised water has been known to have short term beneficial effects but it is believed that long term use of this water is detrimental to good health. Prices for these counter top units can range from $600 to $4,000 dollars for comparable units with the most popular brands being Kangen an MLM company, Jupiter, Tyent and Enagic.  

The Hydro Energiser creates  safer, healthier, more balanced water which provides the benefits of both acid and alkaline water, even though the pH is balanced. Additionally, these countertop ionisers are limited in the amount of water they can produce. The Hydro can structure and energise a whole house for less cost. 


Distilled water is hungry water. It's immature water, requiring minerals. Properly structured water contains minerals. 

Distilled water is created by a process of boiling water and then condensing the steam into a sterile container. By doing so, all particulates are left behind and the result is water free of all mineral and toxic content. This water has become popular as a health water, touted for its pureness. Distilled water can be considered hungry water and may have some short term health benefits for detoxification but along with detoxification vital minerals are being extracted from the body. Structured water can be created with some distillers on the market such as the John Ellis machine. A broad spectrum mineral supplement should always be taken when drinking distilled water.

Structured and energised water create by the Hydro Energiser is a better option for improving your health. These machines are beneficial if you require water for a colloidal silver making machine. Regardless, a Hydro Energiser will improve the operation of any distiller and also eliminate scale build-up.


RO water is hungry, acidic water and it's not structured water.  Toxic EMF can only be removed by structuring water with motion and energy.

Multi-filtration cartridges filter out all particulates, heavy metals and beneficial minerals. RO systems strip the water of everything but toxic memory creating acidic water. RO systems typically have issues with bacteria growth as well in the filters and the water storage tank and need to be routinely disinfected which the customer rarely follows through with. A drain hookup is required to handle the average 30% wastewater. RO systems provide a false sense of security regarding water purity in that pure water is not the same as water stripped of all particulates. Water from a pristine mountain stream can be considered pure but it will contain all kinds of life enhancing minerals. Filters typically require replacement twice yearly and these systems are limited in use to one sink, although very expensive whole house systems are available. RO systems can be beneficial so long as a mineral replacement cartridge is part of the treatment system.  

A Hydro Energiser will enhance RO water by structuring and energising it and it is my belief that an RO isn’t needed in most circumstances if the water is treated with a Hydro Energiser although multiple passes through the Hydro Energiser will be necessary in circumstances where the water is highly polluted. In these kinds of circumstances, a Home Hydro, an Under-sink Hydro and a Portable would be beneficial.


Whole house water treatment system don't structure or energise water. 

There are many options available for whole house filter systems on the market with some working very well and others not working well at all. There are whole house filters designed to remove just about any kind of particulates including pathogens, bacteria, iron, manganese, sediments, biofilms, organic material, fluoride, chlorine, arsenic and more. Most whole house filter systems on the market can’t take care of all issues with one filter and whole filters system can become quite expensive to purchase and maintain depending on system choice. Frequency of filter replacement is based on water usage and water quality. A quality whole filter may be good choice to supplement water treatment and conditioning depending on the water issues to be dealt with. The more popular whole house systems are Pelican, Culligan, Ecowater, Rhino, Kinetico, AquaCera and Sears.

A Hydro Energiser should be installed regardless of which whole house water filtration system you choose to install for your home as none of these water treatment systems will provide water structuring or water energisation.



Bone Char filters will effectively remove water. A Harmonizer will enhance this system with structured water.

Water treatment devices are classified as either a water filter or a water purifier. A water filter must remove at least 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria.  and a water purifier must remove at least 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, a water purifier must be capable of reducing viruses by at least 99.999%. 

Berkey claims to produce the world’s finest tabletop water filtration/purifier system and they do deal with fluoride. These systems are extremely popular due to price, quality, durability and the integrity of the company.  Bone char filter cartridges, activated alumina filter cartridges, distillers and RO systems are all effective in removing fluoride.

Regardless of which mainstream water treatment, filtration or purification system you choose, the Hydro Energiser should take priority as the number one most important water treatment device you could install for the sake of your families health and well being. Additionally the Hydro will enhance the operation of all other systems on the market. 

The Hydro is an energetic filter device and it will inhibit and minimise the effects of fluoride on the body using various means such as sequestering and transmutation. Our initial trials using mainstream testing methods have indicated we can reduce the presence of fluoride in water and in the meantime our research will continue. We believe other principles are at work that mainstream testing methods don’t address.



With a Hydro Energiser, a charcoal filter isn't required. 

Carbon filtration is the most popular, cost effective and simplest of methods for removing contaminants from water. Carbon filters can remove chlorine, sediment and volatile organic compounds from water but are not effective for removing minerals, salts and dissolved inorganic compounds. Carbon filters will typically be rated to remove particle sizes ranging from 0.5 to 50 microns. Effectiveness of a carbon filter is also based on flow rate. The slower the rate of water flow through the filter, the more effective the adsorption of contaminants by the filter. 

Structuring and energising water will improve the efficiency of any type of carbon filtration system.


enhance your UV treated water with a Hydro Energiser water structuring device.

UV lights are typically used only when well water is the primary water supply for a household. UV lights are very effective at killing harmful microorganisms including: E. Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Lights typically need to be replaced at least every two years. UV lights are very narrow in their scope of water treatment and typically well water requires more than just treating for pathogens but nevertheless a UV light will be of benefit for any user of well or bore well water. 

A Hydro Energiser will work to eliminate E. Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. How? In the same way a UV light works which is by using light/EMF frequencies to destroy bacteria and break down organic matter. The UV light and the Hydro Energiser are both energetic filter devices.


A Hydro Energiser water structuring and energising device will optimise the performance of all chemical injection systems and reduce injection product requirements. 

Chemical injection systems have many applications in agriculture, food processing, medical facilities, industry and rural residential water treatment. The chemical injection water treatment approach can be the most efficacious of all mainstream water treatment and conditioning systems for agricultural and industrial applications. 

Oftentimes a specially designed iron filtration cartridge can be used to reduce chemical use. These systems also have merit for residential use but this technology is typically promoted by residential water treatment specialists. The three most popular chemical injection water treatment systems are listed below.

All chemical injection systems will operate more efficiently, requiring less chemicals when used in conjunction with a Hydro Energiser water structuring and energising unit.


Not the best system to use. With any water treatment system, a Hydro Energiser  water structuring and water energising device is always beneficial.


The primary purpose of this product is to disinfect well water. Calcium hypochlorate is safer and more effective to use than sodium hypochlorate.  Sodium hypochlorate is another term for household bleach. Chemical tablets can be used in conjunction with an automatic tablet dispenser placed at the wellhead to disinfect water before it is pumped out of the well. One concern with calcium hypochlorite is that combining with organic particulates in the water can lead to the formation of trihalomethanes which are extremely carcinogenic. Additionally, these chemicals are not effective against all pathogens nor canthese chemicals eliminate iron, manganese or biofilms. There are better options.


Add a Hydro Energiser Water structuring and water energising unit for optimal performance.

This little known product has a multitude of health and productivity benefits for animals, plants and even people and is used primarily in agriculture. A Stenner injection pump is typically used to introduce a hydrogen peroxide solution into the water supply. Hydrogen peroxide treated water injection systems are beneficial and safe for residential use, barns, chicken coops, greenhouses or other agricultural applications. Oxyblast is the primary purveyor of this product and they can be found on the internet.


The best for water treatment available just got better with the use of the Hydro Energiser  Water Structuring and water energising device.

Chlorine is in the name of the injection chemical used in this water treatment system,  but chlorine isn’t created when chlorine dioxide is mixed with water. To create chlorine dioxide requires mixing sodium chlorite with an acid. This product is sold under many names for a multitude of beneficial uses for the oil industry, agriculture, food and beverage processing, water treatment plants, rendering plants and more. 

For instance sodium chlorite is sold in pill form and used as a water purifier for campers or for situations when access to clean water isn’t available. Sodium chlorite is also available under different names for medicinal use for animals and plants.  Under the name, Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), it has even been used to effectively treat and cure tens of thousands of malaria cases in Africa. Although controversial, sodium chlorite has also been used to treat a multitude of other diseases including cancer. 

For agricultural use, the sodium chlorite solution is created manually and then infused into the water supply with an injector pump. For residential, medical, food and beverage operations the mixing process is accomplished by automation. The chemical components are first drawn from separate containers and then injected into a mixing chamber beforeinfusing into the water supply. 

Unlike disinfection with calcium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide does not lead to the formation of trihalomethanes and its applications are extremely broad. Chlorine dioxide is able to accomplish an unparalleled 99.9% kill rate for most pathogens and it is also the most effective choice for eliminating iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and biofilms from water. 

This is the product of choice for municipal water treatment plants around the world due to its lack of hazards to human health but it remains virtually unknown in American municipalities which continue to use cancer causing water treatment options. 

If you decide to do a search on the internet for this type of injection system be forewarned that the internet is filled sites warning of the dangers of chlorine dioxide which seems very odd considering its historically safe and beneficial use for water treatment plants globally as well as its track record of safety and effectiveness for farm and ranch use. Dupont and Bio-Cide are the major producers of this product.

Water And Light

Gary Greenfield

In the beginning, all water was perfectly informed, structured, energized. Man eventually corrupted nature as a consequence of not honoring God

My passion is studying water but not in a laboratory with elaborate instruments but in nature watching the effects of invisible forces on water and then creating products from those observations that can benefit plants, animals, people and the environment.

Water is what we are composed of along with created light and the uncreated light of God’s breath breathed into us. All elements on the periodic table are constructed of the hydrogen element. The definition for hydrogen is: water in the beginning.

All creation groans for redemption because all creation is composed of water and thus connected. The grievous reverberations of man’s fall in the garden spread throughout all creation and is with us until redemption is complete with the return of Christ.

God used two ingredients to create the world and the cosmos: water and light. Creation is made up of water and light in different densities, configurations and combinations.

Mankind lives in a perpetually ungrateful state and because of mankind’s brokenness, we are continually given over to destroying what God has made, whether it be our fellow man or the environment. Mankind was judged once before by water and the earth was flooded and only Noah, his family and the animals on the ark survived God’s just judgement.

Because of our wretched condition, mankind will be once more be judged and it will be a final judgement by fire. This time God will provide another ark and it will be Christ Himself. All those that enter into the Ark of Christ will be saved from the eternal fires prepared for the Evil one, the demons and all those that refuse to bow to Christ, Lord of the universe.

After the final judgement, a new earth and new heavens will be built from the ashes and Christ shall reign forever and all sorrow, tears and violence will be put away never to return again and we shall live forever in peace and harmony with our Creator in a place where the waters will provide refreshment forever and forever.