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Commercial hydro energiser


 Fits 3/4" to 2" Water Line

 Easy Installation! 

 Easy Installation! 

Pipe fitting types and sizes are specified at the time of check-out.  The unit is bi-directional and can be installed with water flow in either direction. 


  • Any & All Farm/Commercial/Industrial Operations 
  • Irrigation Systems

  • Washing Operations
  • Pools & Spas

  • Greenhouses

  • Small Ponds

  • Water Tanks
  • Spraying Operations

  • Water Recirculation Systems



  • Improved water taste
  • Toxicities reduced
  •  Chemical use reduced
  • Scaling reduced for recirculation systems
  • Tanks & pools stay cleaner
  • Crop yields & vitality improve 
  • Animal health & productivity improve
  • Reduces need for drugs, chemicals & supplements

How Does The Hydro Energiser Work?

Nature deals with impurities, pollution and waste by using vortex actions and electro magnetic frequencies to break them down to an elemental level.  The Hydro Energizer installs directly into your water line to improve the taste and feel of water while also increasing the energy levels of the water thus making more energy available to be used for cleaning, feeding and protecting functions in any aqueous environment.

The Hydro will also dissipate corrupt information in the water but if physical particulates are present, one pass through will not be sufficient to break down waste or other physical toxins. 

The Hydro works best in a recirculation system. 

We added a Hydro Energiser to our water line, and the first thing I noticed was a difference in the taste and smell – an obvious difference. The water is delicious, and all my friends and family agree.
— Beth, Highland Michigan

You may notice a temporary cloudiness or rust color to the water the first time you run water through your Home Hydro Energiser.  It is removing the scale and rust from the pipes and will continue to clean them over the near term.  A difference in the taste of the water should be noticeable after the first few minutes.  But give it a week or so to work.

Within a few minutes of installing a Hydro onto my daughter’s water line, she had to call a plumber because of the black gook clogging the kitchen drain (she lives in a very old house with very old plumbing). Her drain now works better than it ever has and she is now drinking her tap water instead of purchasing bottled water.
— Ron, Moscow, Idaho

WARRANTY - All Commercial Hydro Energiser products carry a 1 year satisfaction guarantee.  If ever you are not happy with product performance, you may return it for a full refund.

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