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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.

FAQ structured energised water

Answering questions related to our products

Where is the best place to install the Quad Flow?

The best placement would be before the water supply line tees off to the outside faucets if that's applicable. Typically, it's placed on the water supply line just as it's entering the home in the garage, the utility room or the basement.

My water tastes strange after installing your product. 

Energised water will clean and flush hard water deposits and debris from your entire water system. It may take a few weeks for your system to be fully acclimated and for your water to achieve optimum taste, smell and clarity. 

What are the maintenance requirements for the Whole House filter system?

On the average, filters  will need to be replaced annually based on your water quality and water usage.

Do I need to test my water?  

All public water utilities are required to provide a Water Quality Report to their users and this report should provide you with an accurate report on your water quality. If you're on a well, it's also a good idea to test your water. Test kits are available on Amazon.  

If you water contains an excessive amount of iron or manganese, we suggest you contact your local water treatment specialist to deal with these issues. 

Click here for our article on, Water Test Kits.

Can I keep my Salt Softener? 

A salt softener removes essential life enhancing elements, so if you choose to keep your salt softener, we suggest installing a Quad Flow CMB or SS, which will structure and remineralize your water.  

Over the years, we have researched and offered many de-scaling options and we now offer the NaturalSof Water Softener which we feel is the best option available for water de-scaling.

What about fluoride?

Fluoride is one of the most difficult toxins to remove from water and the only known 'natural filtration' media that can remove or reduce toxic fluoride are zeolite and bone char and reportably, shungite.  The key to fluoride removal is the proper quantity of filter media and the proper dwell time of water with the filter media. All of our water filtration products will filter out fluoride but to remove 100% may take a whole house system in addition to an point of use filter system for your drinking water. See our store for multiple options.

Adequate hydration with structured and energized water rich with minerals is one of the best detox choices for removing toxins or an imbalance of elements from any life form.  From my work in agriculture, I am of the opinion that structured and energized water works to protect any life form from toxins as well as excess elements in water, (including fluoride), by sequestering them until they are passed out of the body. I surmise this process will take place so long as adequate energy is available in the water but I also believe filtration is very important as well.

What materials do you recommend for splicing the Quad Flow unit into the main copper water line?  My husband went to the plumbing supply store, and they were pretty clueless. 

One option for connecting the Quad Flow to a copper line is a stainless steel flex connector with easy to install push fittings which don't require soldering. See flex connector image above or Click here for an example. Plumbers will typically use copper or PEX pipe and fittings.

Is there a device or a way to test the results of a unit not only short term but also as a way to keep track of its longevity?

You may experience a change in water pressure, the presence of chlorine odors, or a change in taste of your water. You can also test your water using any of the test kits recommended in the article on water testing on our Latest News page.

Do I need to hire a plumber to install my new Whole House Filtration system?

It isn’t advised but if you're a handy with tools and have experience with home repairs, you can probably install it but there are typically issues with homeowners installing the system such as:

  1. Over tightening fittings which will crack housing. (Hand tighten then two more turns. Turn on water and tighten only enough to stop leaking).

  2. Not following directions.

  3. Using Teflon tape instead of using both Teflon tape and plastic pipe thread seal.

  4. Attempting pipe cut-ins without proper experience or tools.

It will also depend on what kind of water pipes your home has. Some are easier to work with than others. 

It's always easier with less hassles, (for you and us), to have a plumber install the Hydro but it is more costly. 

Will my water remain energised even if I boil it, freeze it or refridgerate it?

Your water will remain energized, regardless of temperature.

Will I still require a sediment filter?

A sediment is necessary for well water and sometimes for city water systems with old water mains. A sediment filter will prolong the life of your filtering medias. 

Will the Quad Flow change the pH of my water?

The Quad Flow will slightly affect pH, especially the Quad Flow CMB or SS models or any of systems that incorporate mineral balls. Nature loves balance and uses the tools of motion and elemental energy to achieve it. As water becomes structured it will, in spite of it’s pH reading work within it’s field of influence as both an acid water and an alkaline water.  Marketing hype regarding Alkaline Water has created quite a bit of misunderstanding due to the desire to sell ionizing machines. Looking to nature as an example, mineral springs can vary in pH from the low 6’s to the high 9’s, yet they all have life enhancing qualities.  Every area of the body has a different pH depending on function and the body knows how to regulate these pH levels and the most important contributor to pH balance is structured and energised water.  

Why is the Quad Flow made out of PVC instead of stainless steel?

Cost is the biggest factor, yet in all trials to date, our PVC units have outperformed all stainless steel units of our competitors. We have used PVC over the years as it has been an ideal material to use for research and development of the technologies we have developed.  Additionally, PVC allows us to offer great pricing to our customers and stainless steel offers no additional benefits in our larger systems.  (We now offer a the Quad Flow in stainless steel)

How long will water that is energized remain structured?

It will depend on the environment the water is stored in but it can last for months. Water will give away it's energy to fix anything within it's field of influence. 

How does using the Quad Flow affect my hot water heater?

Structured or energized water heats up faster and holds heat longer. Heating elements tend to attract calcium deposits but not to the same degree as corrupted or dead water and these deposits are much easier to wash off of heating elements.

How many square feet of a home can a Quad Flow serve?

The Quad Flow works based on the size of the water line and will be sufficient to energize the water supply of any household.  

If I have a Quad Flow or my home, do I still need a garden unit for my lawn and garden?

So long as water for the garden and lawn passes through the unit, it will be sufficient to serve the needs of the lawn and garden.

Are there lab reports to show the amount of water absorption to the human body, plants or animals?

Live blood analysis utilizing dark field microscopy can verify the effects of energized water on blood and the Electrophotonic Camera can also reveal the benefits of structured or energized water on human health in general.

Some structured authorities claim that we absorb up to seven cups of water when we shower, is this true?

Seven cups equals fifty-six ounces of water which weighs approximately 3.64 lbs.  It is a fallacy that up to seven cups of water are absorbed through the skin while taking a shower. You can confirm this fact by weighing yourself before and after a shower. You’ll find no noticeable difference in weight change. But, it is important to note that toxic frequencies or energies within shower water are absorbed by the skin and this is where the damage occurs.

How will I know your products are working and that it’s not just the placebo effect?

Regarding the placebo effect, the mind is an EMF generator just as minerals and elements within the Harmonizer are EMF generators. When we think good thoughts, (good EMF), good things happen. Minerals and elements were created to always emanate beneficial EMF. Good EMF whether emanating from a rock or a human, cleans, feeds and protects.  A mother’s love for her child is manifest by love, which is good energy (EMF) being generated for the purpose of cleaning, feeding and protecting her child.

 Unfortunately, the mind, the elements and the minerals can all be corrupted by man’s intention to do that which is against nature. Thus the difference between pharmaceutical and natural medicines. My intention is live in a manner congruent with nature and to create and promote products that are congruent with nature. So, yes, I would speculate that structured water will work even better on your body if you are emanating good EMF.

Have any of your products been tested by an independent lab?

Our water structuring devices have been and are being tested routinely in India. Our AquaMetix filters are third party certified. See the product page for the Aqua Metix filters.

How does the Quad Flow structuring device compare to the Natural Action Technologies Structuring Unit?

  • The difference starts with pricing. Our prices are lower than NAT, yet we don’t compromise in features, we just choose to offer better pricing to our customers.

  • The Quad Flow features a triangular spherical pattern within the flow which significantly enhances vortexing.

  • The Quad Flow features four flow tubes whereas NAT offers only one flow tube.

  • The Quad Flow is unique in that sealed cartridges of an aqueous crystalline saline solution are embedded with the flow tubes resulting in more effective uptake of energies to the water as it flows through the tube.

  • The Quad Flow makes available to water flowing through the water chamber a broader array of minerals.

  • We also offer unique physical filtration components as a component of our water enhancement systems for residential applications.

  • The Quad Flow offers Ceramic Mineral Ball technology, which is not offered by most of our competitors.

Can your water structuring products help with auto-immune issues? 

Natural EMF has three functions, to clean, feed and protect. The reason why springs have been a place people have historically went to for healing and refreshment is because the level of energies present in those springs weren't available in their everyday living environment.  Our products contain the same energies typically found at springs and they will work best when delivered via water and that is why springs have historically been popular. Energised water is penetrating, refreshing and healing and the best means by which to enjoy the full benefits of energised or spring water is to drink it and bath in it. I can't tell you specifically how your body will be helped by drinking, bathing or just being in the presence of these energies but I can tell you that your body will use these energies to fulfil the three functions of cleaning, feeding and protecting.

What Makes The Quad Flow Different Than Other Water Treatment Devices?

  • No Moving Parts

  • No Electricity

  • Natural Filtration

  • No Magnets

  • Nothing To Replace Ever (other than filters or mineral ball cartridges)

  • Proprietary Matrix Not Available In Any Other Water Product

  • Most Versatile Product Of It’s Kind On The Market

  • Affordably Priced

  • ...and now with unique and effective physical filtration and mineralization components!

What Is The History Of Your Products?

Vicktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester) was the visionary who saw the need for bringing nature back to water, given what he was witnessing with the coming of the modern era. In the meantime, on the other side of the world, the Asians had known the beneficial effects of minerals on water for thousands of years. They had figured out that different minerals had different effects on water. Vicktor brought us the vortex and the Asians brought us a knowledge of minerals. The Russians as well as scientists from all over Europe have been researching water motion and energy from various perspectives for decades. Americans, (I believe), got involved sometime back in the 70’s. I embraced the vision of utilizing non-sacrificial minerals as a water treatment method back in 2009 and the design concept I developed was influenced by others around the world who have been working with similar concepts. My vision of how to treat water energetically expanded gradually over the years until 2013, when I felt the technology had been developed thoroughly enough to bring our product to market.

Okay... so now that I have read the whole booklet, if the structure of water is changed to mimic a form more congruent with nature (using the minerals and energetic codes) chemicals, heavy metals and all other contaminants are 'normalised' and sequestered in the water rendering them harmless from an energetic prospective. But what about from a chemical prospective, won't elements such as chlorine still act on gut flora and fluoride still act on nerve cells in the brain?

Chlorine and fluoride in their natural state contribute to proper cell function as do all elements of the periodic table but to do so these elements must be in homeostasis. 

When these elements are in their natural state but not in balance with their biological terrain as dictated by the laws of nature, water in an energised state will use its innate intelligence to sequester or transmute these 'out of balance' elements. 

Chlorine and fluoride occurring as byproducts of industrial processes are not the same as chlorine and fluoride occurring in their natural state, Public utility water departments uses an industrial grade of chlorine and fluoride for treating water. 

When energised water encounters these industrial grade chemicals which are molecular corruptions of their natural counterparts,  EMF energies within the water will work to dismantle and reform the malformed molecules of these elements back to their original molecular configuration. 

What if there are beneficial elements in the water such as magnesium, would they to be sequestered? If so how does the body know that this is actually something that needs to be absorbed?

Water has been endowed with intelligence by our Creator to perform functions necessary for life support.  The code or information contained within water can discern what is required by the body for life support and what is a threat. 

Science tells us that man is 70 to 80% water but I would propose man is 100% water and that water manifests itself in creation in various configurations and densities which presents as everything material.

I also believe water is a biological computer which holds information or code which is also energy or light or EMF. Consequently, all material forms know their place in nature and what they must do to contribute to homeostasis and this is because of the code which is stored in hydrogen molecules which make up all matter. 

In order to hold to these premises, one must embrace a Creation model and not an Evolution model. 

Was researching structured water and came across this site which calls your products pseudoscience?

Early in my days of structured water research and study, I had many online debates/discussions with Steve Lowery which all proved futile. Unfortunately, this man lacks scientific integrity and has done much harm to the advancement of water research.  

Steve Lowery represents the mainstream of the science community which has no interest in ideas and concepts that challenge the status quo.  To clarify, the chemical industry has developed over 80,000 synthetic chemicals with thousands more coming to market every year and for every one of these synthetic chemicals, there is a natural alternative which is safer and less expensive and it just so happens that structured water, the simplest of all substances, can reduce chemical use in any environment by an average of 30%. When you consider the impact that such a simple substance such as structured water could have on the profits made by the chemical industry, it is beyond mind boggling and I guarantee that structured water will never, ever be embraced in a capitalistic society where profits are considered the ultimate barometer of success. 

Here is a link to an expose on Steve Lowery by another "outside the box" water researcher/entrepeneur that was attacked by Steve.

Here is another link to site that publishes water research based on principles, Steve Lowery, would call pseudoscience:

Unfortunately, the corporate world controls most academic research today and typically corporate interests determine the outcome of much research. The 'scientific method', is not in and of itself holy or sacred as it can easily be manipulated and is routinely corrupted by corporate interests. 

As for whether or not the research and experiments I've been engaged over the past ten years is pseudoscience, you'll have to judge for yourself and make your own determination. My customers are my ultimate defence and you're welcome to contact any of them.  My whole life has been spent standing for and defending what is true, pure, good and holy and I would rather be homeless and destitute than to become a part of the dishonesty that rules the world today. 

How does your structured water compare to John Ellis DDW water?

The John Ellis water machine creates a particular type of energized water in small quantities. 

Our products are designed to create large quantities of energized water. 

We structure, energize and filter water. 

John Ellis structures and energizes water but doesn't filter water. 

John Ellis water seems to have more potency than our water which is due to John Ellis water being subjected to extreme temperature variations which has a very beneficial effect on water. 

Our initial focus was to created energized water for agricultural applications which meant we had to focus on creating large quantities of energized and structured water. 

John Ellis has focused on healing waters for human consumption. 

Our water is beneficial for many applications as is John Ellis water. 

What's different about low NMR, alkaline, hydrogen rich, low ORP water & your structured water?

Low NMR, Alkaline, Hydrogen rich, low ORP water are created by imparting information to the water via physical and energetic avenues.  All elements emit energy which can be defined as information, light or EMF and water absorbs these elemental energies in order to deliver them to all life forms water comes into contact with. When water is structured, it is in an informed state, an energized state or a condition in which it is full of light and EMF. Vortexing water or the natural movement of water enhances the uptake of information, energy, light or EMF. So, any kind of water can be enhanced by inducing water to move in a natural way.  Ultimately, natural motion and the information imparted by elements create structured water which may be low NMR, alkaline, hydrogen rich, etc...It all depends on which elements are in the field through which water passes.

Greenfield Naturals mission is creating water products which harness natural resources that promote life.  We are committed to continually improving  our water products to provide our customers with healthy, vital life force water free of chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and pathogens.



Structured water system. Structured water system facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water.
Structured Water Information.