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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.



The World's Most Profitable Farm Tool!

Our eight inch water enhancement unit.

Our eight inch water enhancement unit.

This EcoSolv Water Enhancement unit will fit up to a 2" water line.

This EcoSolv Water Enhancement unit will fit up to a 2" water line.



This cooling tower was fed by two 20" and two 6" water lines. Two water enhancement units placed on the two 6" lines was enough to reduce scale buildup and chemical use in this cooling tower.


  • All Re-circulation Systems

  • Chillers

  • Coolers

  • Boilers

  • Sprayers

  • Cleaning

  • Washing

  • Sewage Treatment

  • Water Treatment

  • Apartment & Office Buildings


    •    Reduces chemical inputs

    •    Reduces scale and pitting

    •    Reduces or eliminates chemical use

    •    Reduces water usage 

    •    Reduces labor cleaning costs

    •    Reduces sludge / molds / slime

    •    Eliminates old technology softener systems

The unit in this video is one of two 6" water enhancement devices installed onto the return water lines for a power generation power plant cooling tower processing millions of gallons of water per day.

structured water

This 4" Water Enhancement unit facilitated the use of less chemicals for water treatment.

The Good Earth Eco-Community In Bangalore, India

The residents of Good Earth Villas, a eco-community in Bangalore, India, wholeheartedly embraced our water structuring technologies. After installing one of our units on their water supply, water quality improved significantly. Residents no longer complained of dry skin and hair.

With the installation of another unit on their sewage treated water used for irrigation and toilet flushing,  odor and turbidity were eliminated which the residents greatly appreciated and this occurred with just one pass through the water structuring device.

One of these water lines is for drinking water and the other one is for effluent water.

One of these water lines is for drinking water and the other one is for effluent water.



    •    Bidirectional flow

    •    No filters to replace

    •    No magnets

    •    No chemicals

    •    No electricity

    •    Never requires maintenance

    •   Five year performance warranty



    •    Irrigation Systems & Greenhouses

    •    Sprayers & Sprinklers

    •    Feeders 

    •    Watering & Waste Ponds

    •    Troughs & Tanks



    •    Reduces chemical inputs

    •    Reduces scale and pitting

    •    Reduces or eliminates chemical use

    •    Reduces water usage

    •    Reduces labor cleaning costs

    •    Reduces sludge 

    •    Eliminates old technology softener systems



    •    30 to 100% increase in yields

    •    Better quality fruits and vegetables

    •    Improves soil conditions

    •    Resistance to temperature extremes

    •    Eliminates molds and fungus



    •    Healthier poultry and animals

    •    Faster and increased weight gain

    •    Less need for antibiotics and drugs

    •    Reduced odour

    •    Less water consumption 

    •    Increased hydration

    •    Decreased agitation 

    •    Happier animals and poultry

EcoSolv 8" Water Enhancement Installation On A Nevada Farm

EcoSolv 8" Water Enhancement Installation On A Nevada Farm

4" Water Enhancement Unit - The California farmer who installed this unit onto the irrigation line for his orange grove stated he had the best crop he's ever produced and all he changed was the water. Additionally, his turkeys so big they had to be cut in half to fit in the oven!

4" Water Enhancement Unit - The California farmer who installed this unit onto the irrigation line for his orange grove stated he had the best crop he's ever produced and all he changed was the water. Additionally, his turkeys so big they had to be cut in half to fit in the oven!

The Chad Anderson Farm, located in the Central Valley of California, raises lemons and has had the EcoSolv Water Enhancement installed since July 2016.


When new lemon saplings were planted, they were just sticks about 12 inches high”.  Chad further stated ”The lemon trees are now just twelve months later at the stage of a three year growth and producing lemons,” noting, this is unheard of.

The lemons shown in the photos below are ones from the lemon trees planted only a year ago.

The lemons shown in the photos below are ones from the lemon trees planted only a year ago.

Chad noted that his soil has a lot of clay in it requiring him to water the lemon trees for 25 hours at a time, twice a week. Since the installation of the Ecosolv Water Enhancement device, he now waters only 18 hours twice a week (a 28% reduction in water applied) and has been able to reduce application fertilizers by 50%. He commented that he no longer has a problem of standing water during irrigation, as the water perks more rapidly. Finally, Chad commented that the 2017 harvest of lemons was the largest he has ever had, but did not give the exact percentage increase in the case of his older trees.

What Is Structured Water?

Structured water can be defined as water in it’s natural, balanced state, both energetically and materially, yet, cleansed of matter and energy that isn’t congruent with nature. 

Just as there are billions of humans and each are unique yet the same, in a similar manner, there are an infinite variety of configurations of water in its natural state and each is unique. Consequently, the effects structured water can vary depending on the water source and the environment in which it is dwelling.

The test protocols listed below were developed based on a decade of applying structured water to crops. We have determined that there is a significant difference in the attributes of water based on how it is handled prior to being applied to crops.  Before the advent of dams, pumps, straight pipes and chemicals, water everywhere on earth was in a naturally structured state but these modern innovations have had a dramatically negative impact on our environment and especially water.

The EcoSolv Water Enhancement device simply brings water to it natural structured state using motion and energy.  The motions is induced by spheres creating vortex actions within the water and the energy absorbed by the water is drawn from naturally occurring elements. That’s it, plain and simple.

The laws of nature are very powerful, yet so are the corrupting influences of man, yet, the forces of natures which are both simple and complex and can easily overcome the corrupting influences of man made technologies when given the opportunity to do so.

The EcoSolv Water Enhancement device gives farmers the opportunity to quickly reverse many of the negative influences that accompany modern farming practices.  


For the EcoSolv Water Enhancement Device

PHYSICAL OBSERVATIONS [i.e., items that can be observed & measured immediately]

1. Reduced Scaling - The problem of mineral buildup or “scaling” in pipes and nozzles of irrigation systems is widespread but can be reduced with the EcoSolv Water Enhancement Device. Water treated by the Device before entering the pipes of a system will not only reduce mineral buildup but also quickly remove any minerals accumulated in the pipes. In fact, after installation of the Device and before beginning to irrigate crops, it is mandatory to flush out the pipes with treated water. The flush will produce gray water (due to the release of accumulated minerals) and should continue until the water is 100% clear. Usually, this takes one to two hours. Then, the system is ready to be used again to irrigate crops.

Items to observe: a. Water Color. Water treated by the Device quickly releases accumulated minerals in the a systems pipes or tubes, as evidenced by the gray color of the water during the purge process.. b. No nozzle buildup. After the installation of the Device, nozzles will experience less mineral buildup.  

2. Reduced Soil Salinity - In the same way that water treated by the EcoSolv Water Device releases accumulated mineral deposits in the pipes of an irrigation system, treated water will loosen and eliminate mineral deposits in soil (i.e., notorious “salt rings”). The salt rings begin to disappear.

Item to observe: ‘Before’ and ‘After” photos can be taken of places where there are salt rings on the surface of the ground. In a short time, the salt rings will attenuate and begin to disappear.

3. Improved Fluidity - Water treated by the EcoSolv Water Enhancement Device is literally more fluid, moving with less resistance through the pipes, tubes, and nozzles of an irrigation system. With central pivot systems especially, one can measure a significant drop in water pressure.

Item to measure: Measure the internal water pressure of the irrigation system before, then after installation of the Device. If the system previously operated at, say, 40 psi, it may drop to, say, 30 psi, due to the improved water flow. This reflects the fact that smaller water clusters of the treated are more fluid and pass more readily through the pipes and nozzles. b. Water throw. Treated water, being in smaller “pieces”, flows through the nozzles with less resistance and more speed. As a result, the water is “thrown” farther. Item to measure: Measure and compare the throw distance. Under identical water pressures, measure how far water from a test nozzle device goes, using untreated and treated water. There is a clear difference.

4. Faster Percolation - As a result of having smaller water clusters, the treated water percolates much faster into the soil, even hard clay. Item to observe: There is no pooling of water on the ground, even with clay soil.

Item to measure: The item to measure and compare is percolation time of untreated and treated water under identical conditions. This can be done with a classic water percolation time test; or simply by digging two equal holes (say, 40 inches deep and equal diameters) then measuring the time it take for equal amounts of (a) untreated water and (b) treated water to be absorbed

5. Reduced Water Use – With water treated by the EcoSolv Water Device, the water required to irrigate a given area is reduced by 25% on average. California citrus growers in areas with clay soil have reported savings of up to 50%, with increased yields.

Item to measure: Using a soil moisture meter (available at any garden center), one can confirm that soil moisture is maintained with 25% less water (or even 50% with clay), provided that the water is treated water. One can also observe directly that the plants continue green and robust.

6. Reduced Energy Use – Energy used in pumping water is reduced proportionally with the pumping time. With 25% less water pumped through the system, 25% less energy is consumed.

Item to measure: Pumping time is a good measure of both water and energy use. The electric bill savings will show in the first month.

BIOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS [i.e., items that can take 1 to 3 months to observe]

1. Increased Yields - On average, yield increase by 10% and more when irrigating with treated water.

Item to measure: Traditional methods can be used for tabulating and comparing crop yields on similar plots, irrigated with untreated water and treated water, respectively.

2. Enhanced “Bio-accessibility” to Nutrients/Supplements - Less fertilizer. Since the water in which the fertilizer is dissolved is more readily absorbed by a plant’s roots, the fertilizer therein is also captured with greater efficiency, with less fertilizer lost and left to pollute the groundwater and aquifer.

Warning: As a result of the higher absorption rate of treated water and thus the fertilizer dissolved in the treated water, it is mandatory to reduce the amount of fertilizer used by 25%, or the plants may be burned by getting too much fertilizer.

Item to measure: After reducing fertilizer by 25%, farmers can verify that their crop yield is not reduced, but increases.

3. Robust Plants - Users of the EcoSolv Water Enhancement Device comment that their fruit trees and crops grow faster and bigger. A California citrus grower reported that his newest grove of trees, planted 2-1/2 years ago looks like a grove that is 4 or 5 years old.

Item to measure: One can simply measure and compare the height and diameter of plants, whether seasonal crops or perennials, comparing plants grown with untreated and treated water.

Download the Specification Sheet for the Water Enhancement unit. 



For More Information On Farm Devices Contact Our Ecosolve Distributor Bob Davis 757-754-1111