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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.

HydroZ Undersink

Hydro-Z Energizer

Under Sink


structured water
Interior view of refillable canister

Interior view of refillable canister

The Under Sink unit comes with 3/8" push connectors and 3/8" poly tubing.

The Under Sink unit comes with 3/8" push connectors and 3/8" poly tubing.

Top view

Top view

Our exclusive No-Loss Activator Cartridge

Our exclusive No-Loss Activator Cartridge

This is an image of the Super Charged HydroZ Whole House system. If you water contains fluoride, it's advisable to  install a HydroZ Whole House unit and a HydroZ Under Sink unit.

This is an image of the Super Charged HydroZ Whole House system.

If you water contains fluoride, it's advisable to  install a HydroZ Whole House unit and a HydroZ Under Sink unit.

Reduces or removes:

  • Fluoride

  • Chemicals

  • Pathogens

  • Chlorine

  • Particulates > 5 microns

...WHILE LIFE FORCE ENERGIES which all works to provide you with great tasting, healthy water. 

The Hydro Z Under Sink Energiser,  filters, structures and energizes your kitchen faucet water and can be used independent of the Whole House Hydro Z or as a companion for enhanced purification and  energization of  your drinking   water.

Filter housing #1 contains glass spheres and our exclusive No-Loss Activator Cartridge.  The primary purpose of this filter is purify and energize your drinking water by means of vortexing and energy transfer. 

This housing never requires replacement and works energetically to cleanse and enhance your water.

Filter housing #2 contains zeolite, bone char, quartz, shungite and amethyst in addition to our exclusive No-Loss Activator Cartridge. The primary purpose of this cartridge is remove  contaminants from your water while  energizing and structuring  your water supply for enhanced cleansing, protecting and nutritional benefits.

Unusual Filter Media Qualities 

Zeolite volcanic ash contributes health enhancing minerals to the water making it taste great while also removing chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, fluorides, pathogens and particulates greater than 5 microns. Read more about zeolite here.

Bone char is used as  our secondary filtering media due to its unusually high adsorptive capacities for fluoride, heavy metals, particularly copper, zinc, and cadmium as well as highly toxic metal ions such as arsenic and lead. 

Additionally, bone char is 100% natural with no harmful side effects as there are with other synthetic and heavy metal filtering media.  According to our research, 100% natural bone char and zeolite are the most effective filtering media available for removing heavy metals, contaminants, fluoride  and most contaminants from water.  

Bone char is primarily made from cow bones heated in a sealed vessel at up to 700 °C (1,292 °F); a low concentration of oxygen must be maintained while doing this, as it affects the quality of the product, particularly its adsorption capacity. The organic material in the bones is driven off by heat, and that which is not driven off remains as activated carbon in the final product. Heating bones in an oxygen-rich atmosphere gives bone char, which is chemically quite different from it's original composition.

Note: Bone char enhances fluoride removal from water but can be eliminated from the filtration media for customers who request it. Choose "no bone char" at checkout. 

Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline fullerene mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent of carbon. It was first discovered near Shunga village, in Karelia, Russia, from where it gets its name. 

This unique black carbon, silicate mineral possesses powerful cleansing properties removing bacteria, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, volatile organics, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, and fluoride while at the same time enhancing water taster and quality. 

We also use various types of Quartz in  our mineral blend because of its "Piezoelectric properties" As water flows over quartz crystals, electrical energy is created and passed into the water creating water with a softer feel.  After interacting with quartz, water is  more penetrating or 'wetter' which in turn contributes to an increase in soap lather and a fresher feel after taking a shower or soaking in this water.  

Tourmaline also possesses piezoelectric qualities and emits energy in the far infra red wavelength.  EMF within this wavelength has many health enhancing benefits. 

Our exclusive blend of highly energized minerals all work to energize water, clean water and enhance water quality and taste.

Filtering effectiveness will vary based on your water source and toxicity levels. Periodic testing of your water is encouraged. See  article on water testing on "Latest News" page.

The downside of using a 100% natural filtration media is a loss of water pressure.  This is a double edged sword in that increasing the time water mingles with the zeolite media will enhance water quality but at the same time water pressure will be reduced. 

Installation Video

Refillable mineral cartridge - Refill or replace every six months or as needed based on water testing, water taste or pressure loss.

Each filter housing also includes our exclusive  No-Loss Activator Cartridge

Handy spanner wrench included

NSF certified materials


Hydro-Z Under Sink

Filter cartridge size: 10" h x 2-1/2" d/  (254 mm x 63.5 mm)

Maximum flow rate 2 gpm

Maximum temperature 100 degrees F (37.8 degrees C)

Maximum pressure 90 psi

Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) 14 x 10-1/2x5-1/4 inches (356 x 267 x 133 mm)

Weight 16 lbs

Brief overview of the installation procedure for the HydroZ Under Sink Energizer. For more detailed instructions go to the "Downloads" section of the website located on the footer bar. 


HydroZ FAQ

Do I need to test my water?  

Regardless of whether you are on city or well water, it's a good idea to test before installing your HydroZ and sometime soon after your unit has been installed.  Test your water again in six months or when water quality diminishes or when you begin losing water pressure. 

Are you on city water? If so, do you know if fluoride or chloramines are pumped into your water supply? Call your local water utility to confirm. 

If common water issues such as but not limited to excess iron, manganese and hardness are present,  other means will need to be initiated to correct these situations in order to prolong the life of your zeolite media and to insure the integrity of your water supply.

Hanna Instruments is a great source for reasonably priced and easy to use hand held water test devices.  Also check out these other test kits.

How often do filter cartridges require changing?

The Hydro Z comes with refillable canisters which saves you money on filter replacement costs as well as allowing you to recycle which means less plastic in our landfills. 

Cartridge #1 - Your zeolite filtering media should be replaced:

  •   Every six months or as needed based on water testing, water taste or pressure loss.

Cartridge #2 - Your structuring and energizing cartridge never requires replacement. 

How effective is the HydroZ at removing fluoride?

Fluoride is very difficult to remove from water and the only known 'natural filtration' media I am aware of that can remove or reduce toxic fluoride are zeolite, bone char and shungite.  Thus far we have been able to remove 65% of naturally occurring fluoride at 1 ppm in tap water with a Hydro Under Sink unit. 

Adequate hydration with structured and energized water rich with minerals is one of the best detox choices for removing toxins or an imbalance of elements from any life form.  From my work in agriculture, I do believe structured and energized water will protect any life form from toxins as well as excess elements in water, (including fluoride), by sequestering them until they are passed out of the body. I surmise this process will take place so long as adequate energy is available in the water.  

If your water contains fluoride, I would recommend a HydroZ  Whole House along with a HydroZ Under Sink unit as fluoride is difficult to remove.  

 Can I keep my RO and Salt Softener?

If it was my house, I would replace my water softener and my RO with a HydroZ Whole House and an HydroZ Under Sink.

While RO's and salt softeners provide benefits, they also have negative qualities which impact health.

A salt softener's only benefit is elimination of scale and this can be accomplished with other systems that don't have such a negative impact on health. A safe and simple alternative is a polyphosphate system. It is compact and easy to maintain while keeping life supporting minerals in your water. 

RO's remove toxins but also all minerals which are also essential for health. Additionally, RO's create acidic water and do nothing to remediate toxin energy imprinted by the toxins that the RO removed. RO tanks are also a breeding ground for pathogens. 

The Hydro Z products will require filter media replacement from time to time based on the water quality in your area and if you're not used to maintaining your system yourself, this could present a problem unless you know of a handyman who could do this job for you.  The positive side is that our system uses a refillable canister, reducing the plastic footprint and our 100% natural filtering media is a superb fertilizer for your garden, trees and yards. It also works great as an odor reducing  kitty litter and can be used for oil or chemical spills cleanup. 

What materials do you recommend for splicing the hydro-z unit into the main copper water line?  My husband went to the plumbing supply store, and they were pretty clueless. 

The best choice for connecting the HydroZ to a copper line is a stainless steel flex connector with easy to install push fittings which don't require soldering. See flex connector image above or Click here for an example.

What is the difference between the HydroZ Whole House and the Supercharged HydroZ?

The Supercharged unit has an additional structuring device attached inline. In addition to super charging structuring and energizing, this additional unit also allows for swapping out the structuring cartridge in one of the filter housings for a specialty filter cartridge to address water issues that may not be resolved using the zeolite media filtration. These water issues would include excess iron, manganese, scaling and chloramines in addition to a higher degree of toxicity removal.  The Supercharged unit as it is adds additional structuring and energization to water. 

Do you use infrared light (LEDs) to energize the water?  If not, what method?

No we don't use LED's, although I have in the past experimented with them. Unless the light source is completely natural, I have learned to avoid them for the purpose of energizing or structuring water.  We do use natural sources of infrared and other EMFs to enhance the water as well as vortexing. 

Is there a device or a way to test the results of a unit not only short term but also as a way to keep track of its longevity?

For farmers, their crops will tell them.  For home owners, depending on your water condition and your own discernment, you may feel the difference, taste the difference or see the difference.  

Regarding changing out the zeolite media filter, you may experience a change in water pressure or you can test for toxicity levels or again you may taste, feel or see the difference. 

There are also simple tests you can do such as a water drop test. Place a drop of regular tap water and also structured water onto five sheets of paper and leave them, periodically observing differences in the behavior of each drop. 

The structured water drop will stay in formation for a longer period of time and will be absorbed more readily into the sheets of papers while the tap water drop will evaporate more quickly and not be as absorbed by the sheets of paper. 

I personally routinely use applied kinesiology to test water condition. 

There is a BioWell device that is purportedly coming out later this year or next with a device that will measure energy content of water.

Greenfield Naturals mission is creating water products which harness natural resources that promote life.  We are committed to continually improving  our water products to provide our customers with healthy, vital life force water free of chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and pathogens.

Please contact us with questions, comments or reviews: