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The Curious Case of Charles Darwin and Homeopathy

Hydrogen, The Buidling Block Of All Elements

When one considers the ramifications of this simple tree growing experiment, hopefully an understanding will form as to what is really causing tree growth and ultimately cell growth and energization. Ultimately, water is the beginning of life and provides all the building blocks for life via all the elements which are essentially comprised of hydrogen.  

Sports Drinks Boost Performance Even If You Spit Them Out

The‘Swish or Swallow’, researcher apparently didn’t consider the theory that cells use natural EMF as a means of communication and also as an energy source. Cell communicate with one another via wireless EMF transmission via crystalline cell receptors and also harvest natural EMF energies to fuel all functions. For instance, the body utilizes solar energy for a myriad of life support functions.


  • Dr. Rustum Roy: Water, Water Everywhere                                    Structure or form determines the function! This is a superb slide show (no sound). The video, (with sound), can be viewed below.  



“This book is a must read for everyone interested both in modern science and in their own health. We are coming to a new understanding of water, not just as a source of vitality and life, but as life itself. This vision is supported by a new set of scientific data which we find referenced in the book. What is equally important is the fact that it is written in simple, understandable language that allows the reader to feel the flavor of the modern research atmosphere. Another important aspect of the book is found in its practical applications. Dancing with Water is a very important and useful guide both for professionals and all interested people.”— Konstantin Korotkov, PhD., Professor Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture 

“This book was a great read but had some woeful shortcomings. On pg 105-106, he begs his readers not to consider purchasing a structured water device of any kind, claiming they are all unproven and bogus. He has no proof to back his claims which is baffling considering his book is based on the premise of false science running rampant. Consequently, he supports false science, the very topic he writes against, in regards to water energization technologies which have more potential to benefit the planet than any other technology he chose to write about. Additionally, he embraces as do the majority of scientists today, a false understanding of the origins of the earth and the universe. When one embraces the concept that God created the heavens and the earth, everything makes sense and becomes quite clear but otherwise, it’s all a mass of confusing perspectives and theories which are boldly, yet ignorantly proclaimed as truth.”

This ancient book reveals the mysteries of our origins and these first verses succinctly reveal water as being the origin for all matter and light as being the origin for all energy.

The sun has become the scapegoat for skin cancer and even though this book brings to light the multitude of health benefits from sunshine, he continually refers to a possible link between skin cancer and sunshine. This is bogus but nevertheless I recommend this book for it’s more positive references to the benefits of sunshine. 

Included this video to balance out the book, Healing Sun, above.

             Applied common sense for raising livestock, poultry and crops.


A Walk In The Forest Enhances Immunity

“Running water is more beneficial, as it is made finer and more healthy by the mere agitation of the current”

— Pliny 23 A.D.