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I drank it!


The presence of E.coli in water is indicative of human and animal fecal matter into water.

The presence of Coliform indicates the presence of organic matter and is typically present wherever E.coli bacteria is found.

Without the aid of material filtration of any kind, the Hydro Energiser was able to eliminate 100% of E.coli and coliform bacteria simply by re-circulating water through through water structuring unit and to prove water purity, I drank it!

This experiment was performed with contaminated pond water taken from a man-made pond in the middle of the city of Bangalore. This pond was fed by treated effluence from a sewage treatment plant and runoff from the streets and gutters of Bangalore, India, a city of over 20 million people. 

Two gallons of stinking, green and debris ridden water was placed into a plastic container, covered and then re-circulated through a Hydro Energiser over a period of two weeks.

After one week, a sample of this water was taken to a water lab and tested for the presence of e.coli and coliform.  The water sample tested completely free of e.coli after seven days of re-circulation through the Hydro Energiser. 

Coliform which indicated the presence of simple organic matter was still present.  The experiment was continued for seven more days and a water sample was taken back to the lab. This time the water tested free of coliform with no impurities present in the water.

To confirm water quality, I drank a sample directly from the plastic bucket and it tasted wonderfully refreshing and I experienced no adverse side effects whatsoever.

What was proven from this experiment is that polluted waters can be brought back their natural pristine condition using only energetic filtration without the aid of a physical membrane of any kind. 

This concept goes against all principles which govern modern water treatment systems.  Our modern day water treatment industry does not acknowledge the principles which govern the workings of the Hydro Energiser.  The technology that drives what we at Greenfield Naturals have discovered is literally invisible to the water treatment industry.

This experiment revealed the power of the Hydro Energiser beyond anything we have ever proven in all our years of agricultural research which in and of itself has given us seemingly miraculous results.

Since performing this experiment, we have gone further and now offer the Hydro-Z, which features a physical filtration component for our Under Sink and Whole House products.  The addition of a natural physical filtration component will accelerate the purifying process of the Hydro Energiser.