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2" pool device

 No-Loss Mineral Frequency Infusion

Your water enhancement unit contains a sealed PVC wrap-around canister filled with energy emitting minerals. Through our research we have found that these minerals do not need to come in contact with the water to positively affect the water. Just passing by in close proximity imparts their specific mineral frequencies into the water. In the natural water purification cycle, minerals are one of the main cleansing and elements of pure, clean water.

The images on the right are still shots of the various minerals taken from a GDV camera video.


Greenfield Naturals originally started out to develop a water enhancement unit that did not need constant replacement parts and
would mimic the water purification process found in nature to the highest degree. The Water Enhancement products of Greenfield Naturals are all designed around the concept of biomimicry. We have intentionally stayed away from any kind of a non-natural enhancement ingredient, or the need to replace filters or parts at periodic intervals with this unit. We have designed our products to mimic nature to the highest degree possible.


Your Water Enhancement unit will never require changing filters and has no moving parts to wear out. Your Water Enhancement unit is backed by a 90 day, 100% unconditional, money back guarantee and comes with a 1-year replacement warranty.

About this Device

The Water Enhancement unit is designed to be installed onto a 11⁄4” to 2” cold water line.

It is comprised of a flow through tube containing frequency infused spheres providing the water with a natural vortexing action as is found in nature. The unit has two external cartridges which contain an aqueous crystalline solution specifically formulated for beneficial native electromagnetic emissions and its cleansing and structuring effect on water. This structuring device never needs replacement of the minerals or contents. The unit is easy to install with your choice of an assortment of end-fittings to fit your water line.

Installation Instructions

This Water Enhancement unit is bidirectional and may be installed with water flowing in either direction. It is designed for easy installation onto the cold water supply line.

These instructions are per typical plumbing methods. Actual Installations must be adapted to individual requirements and regional codes. We have made every effort to ensure accuracy and reliability of the information, instructions, and directions. However, neither the dealer nor the manufacturer will accept responsibility for misinterpretation of the directions or human error.

  1. Be sure you know where the main water shut off is located before starting.

  2. Locate the water service line entering the home or install site and turn off the water service line.

  3. Open a nearby cold water faucet/spigot. Leave open until water stops flowing to ensure water is completely turned off. Then shut off faucet to relieve pressure.

  4. The Water Enhancement unit, as shipped, may be installed onto a 11⁄4”" to 2" diameter copper, PEX, PVC or any other type water line.

  5. Check the fittings for any signs of damage or cracks before gluing together. Each installation will vary based according to pipe composition and fitting choices. Follow standard industry installation procedures particular to the type of pipe and fittings to be used when connecting the unit. Be careful not to overtighten threaded fittings.

  6. If your unit came with PVC unions, ensure the black rubber O-rings are present on both PVC union connections. Place the unit between the union connections and hand tighten the unions (do not use tools to tighten).

  7. Turn on the water service supply line slowly and inspect the unit installation to ensure there are no leaks. Turn on the nearby water faucet (from step 2) to purge air out of the water line until water runs smoothly and all the burping has stopped. Then close the faucet & check for leaks again.

  8. Your unit is now installed and will provide you with many years of faithful service without additional expense, parts replacement or filter changes.

Loose deposits may build up at faucet aerators or screened washers on washing machine hoses. These may need to be cleaned periodically until all foreign deposits are removed or dissolved. Chunks of deposits in cold water pipes may get lodged in the valves of toilets and in the sprayer wand of your dishwasher or other discharge outlets. It will eventually dissolve and wash away although you may need to assist the process if clogging of spray nozzles occurs.

Do's and Don'ts of PVC joint assembly

• Don't over-tighten joints by giving them "one more turn to be sure."Do finger tighten plus one or two turns - No More.

• Don't wrap Teflon tape or Teflon paste or pipe dope to add bulk to or to lubricate the joint. Do use a sealant for threaded joints.

• Don't use "stronger" Schedule 80 threaded fittings on the assumption that they may solve the problem of splitting through over- tightening.

• Do use only Schedule 40 threaded fittings with Schedule 40 pipe and fittings.

• Don't over-tighten.
• Do finger tighten plus one or two turns.