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Personal Cartridge

The personal HARMONIZER - $47

" My 6 year old daughter, Lena, stole our Hydro one night when she heard my wife and I discussing that we thought we had been sleeping better with it between our pillows. She gets scary dreams at night that frequently wake her up.  — Shaun Angel, Indiana


  • Sleep aid - place under your pillow

  • Protection from corrupt EMF (wifi & electrical)

  • Improves taste of beverages (coffee, tea, water, alcohol)

  • Enhances food storage

  • Contributes to a peaceful environment



The Personal is a pressurized & energized cartridge containing all the elements present in sea water and spring water along with quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, Shungite, selenite and other minerals which all emit natural electromagnetic frequencies which clean, feed and protect us in an invisibly subtly and effectively.

Ok, I’m a believer. This tube thing does work. I’m taking fewer sleep aids and sleeping better!
— PJ in Portland
Since I have slept with the personal next to me at night, I wake up in the morning and my leg pain is gone. I wake up feeling as though I have slept much deeper through the night. I gave mine to a friend to try and she won’t give it back since it helps her sleep deeper and wake up with no pain as well. Please send me another one.
— Larry, Moscow, ID
I bought one (carry it in my pocket), love it, and would like to get more for the home.
— John Taylor
One of my friends and I recently discovered your devices and he bought two and gave me one as a birthday gift. When using the computer even in a good position, I get stressed and the Hydro took away my pain. Yesterday I made a test with fresh orange juice, it tasted good with all the acid as usual and I put the Hydro Energiser next to it and the acid disappeared, it felt so light to drink, kind of sweet, it smelled different and tasted like if it has a new mineral in it. Was totally changed. This product is amazing!
— Nallely Campos, Costa Rica
I am a 51 year old mother of eight children who has now purchased over twenty Personals placing them all over my home, in my business, (I run a colonics therapy clinic), in my car and in my pool as well as giving them to friends to try out.
— Sunshine Mitchell, Bakersfield, Ca.

Experience the effect of sleeping with photonically active minerals.  You may find you sleep much deeper, come out of your sleep much slower and dream more.  This effect is consistent with the low frequency, earth-based gamma frequency waves in the 25-100 hz range normally associated with earth-based minerals.

What does the Personal cartridge actually do to your body while sleeping with it?

Natural EMF has three functions, to clean, feed and protect all the cells of the body. When your cells are functioning properly, they aren't under stress or in a state of dis-ease and consequently your body is in a more peaceful state and your sleep will be enhanced. 

The cartridge is providing energies, your body normally doesn't have access to and those energies will assist the cells of your body to do a better job at whatever their function is within the body.  For instance, these energies will create a bio-shield to protect you from man-made EMF which interrupts cell functions.   

Does the Personal Cartridge protect from electrical appliance and communication device EMF?

 What we have confirmed through customer feedback is that natural EMF works to offset the toxic effects of synthetic EMF created by all electrical technologies.  The testimonies of our customers confirm this. Additionally, we know are simply mimicking natural principles which have worked to sustain life on our planet for thousands of years. 

How large of any area does the Personal cover?

In order to gain the best advantage from the Personal, keep it in close proximity, (within ten feet but closer is better), to whatever area you want to influence.

For example, a closed environment like a refrigerator is ideal or next to you in the cup holder of your vehicle or next to an EMF emitter such as a Wifi router or electrical box or your computer. Also between you and your digital clock on your nightstand or better yet, under your pillow.


Testimonial by Ron Johnson

1.  I sleep with the Personal next to me in bed. I usually just put it in front or behind me.  I have never woken up because of lying on top of it, though occasionally I may notice it underneath me in the morning.  

 2.  Remember the effects are subtle for most people. Though I definitely notice feeling different in the morning due to a deeper sleep. 

 3.  The affects I experience are increased dreaming and particularly a deeper sleep. I know I have slept much more deeply because I feel a little groggier in the morning and experience a reluctance to get out of bed because I feel so relaxed. Sleeping deeper usually means you will wake up slower too. Perhaps you will feel a desire to lay in bed longer after waking. 

I find that I sleep a little less in terms of hours with the Personal.  Sleeping deeper requires less sleep time.  But I make up for it by laying in my bed in the morning, for an hour, or so, just enjoying my relaxed state.  And I find that sleeping deeper improves my overall disposition throughout the day.

4.  If I remove the Personal from my bedroom, I retain the deeper sleeping effect for a night or two due to its structuring effect on my blood system.

5.  The Personal will also structure water. If you drink water from a plastic bottle, you can drink a small amount of water from the bottle to allow some air into the bottle. Recap it and hold the Personal next to the bottle as you shake it.  The more you shake it the more structured the water will become. Try a taste test by comparing with another similarly shaken bottle (without the Personal next to it). But remember to taste the unstructured water first as the structured water will, for a time, structure any unstructured water put in your mouth.  Best to test at room temperature, and pay particular attention to the taste of the water on the sides of your tongue. 

6.  Setting the Personal next to a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine will also change the finish.  It takes the bitter finish off of the coffee.  Again, the effect will be subtle. But any noticeable change in the taste profile of the drink will indicate its structure has been fundamentally changed, making the water much more absorbable by your body. Remember the objective here is not to necessarily make the drink better tasting.  Some will like the change, some won't.   The objective is to show that the water is being fundamentally changed by exposure to the minerals. 

Lucid Dreaming

The Hydro Energiser produces a broad spectrum of mineral-based frequencies. These frequencies promote a very restful sleep pattern.  A restful sleep can only be achieved by a very deep sleep. Over the years that I have been working with the Personal, I have learned to wake up very, very slowly. It is during this wake up, sometimes up to an hour in length, that I will lie in bed with my eyes closed knowing full well that I am awake but not wanting to open my eyes. That state allows me to go back into my dreams and perpetuate my dreams to some extent.

I also find that this period of time is my most creative time of the day. I have realized some profound insights by just lying in bed with my eyes closed in this semi-dream state.

The Hydro Energiser Personal seems to have the same effect on me now, whether it is on my nightstand or actually in bed with me. 

I have also come to realize how much of an effect a deeper sleep can have on my disposition and perspective throughout the day. If I remove the Personal from my environment for several days, I am not as relaxed and feel just subtly a bit more irritated throughout the day.  With the Personal in my environment, I seem to be happier and can accept things as they are to a much greater degree.

An Observation on the Hydro Energiser Personal

We have asked over 100 test subjects to try the Personal and report back to us their experiences.  The vast majority of users report the typical experience of deeper sleep, dreaming more, reduction in muscle and nerve related pain and a more positive outlook on life.  And by far the majority are pleased with the product.  We have virtually no returns on any of our products, particularly this one.

A few respondents claim within minutes of holding the device in their hand they can immediately feel the effects of the minerals.  However, there are a few others who notice no effect at all, even after sleeping with the unit for several nights. 99% of respondents fall in between these two experiences.  This has always baffled us.  How can some folks swear this is the greatest thing they have ever experienced and then others claim nothing at all?  Our quality control guarantees the same mixes of minerals, so it cannot be the content of the unit.  That only leaves the interpretation of the user.

Some folks seem to be very in touch with their bodies and notice any variation from normal.  Others have a much broader range of interpretation and can only notice very significant impacts to their bodies.  Personally, I feel the effects so strongly, I wouldn’t go anywhere without the influence of the minerals with me. The impact to me is incredible.  No psychosomatic effect here.  This is very real.

We also surmise that those who have the Personal thrust upon them, that is, they really didn’t want to try it, but did so out of a sense of obligation, have a lower level of result.  So perhaps anticipating and seeking the effect has some impact as well.


On another note, we have been getting reports of children who formerly had a problem with nightmares, seem to have them go away after sleeping with the Personal.  We will continue to monitor this situation to see if it is consistent among all children who use the device.

In any event, we invite you to try the Personal and determine for yourself the benefits of a precisely mixed recipe of photonically active minerals.  

With a 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.  This little device could change your life as it does with 95% of the folks who use it.

We appreciate any feedback you can provide, positive or negative, on any of our products.

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