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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.


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Complete line of water structuring and energising units creating spring like water nature's way.


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Our Countertop Water Solution system features twin filters in a free standing filter system for countertop use which is readily attached to an existing faucet via a diverter valve.

Housing is made from acetal and polyester materials and requires no permanent modifications to the plumbing. This system will enhance tap water as it is drawn from the existing faucet.

Newly added feature! A Harmonizer cartridge is also provided with the Counter Top unit and can be placed beside it or next to the cold water line under the sink.

Filter Performance

The AquaMetix® filter offers:

  • >99% Chloramine reduction

  • >99% Chlorine reduction

  • >99% Lead reduction

  • >99% Herbicides and Pesticides reduction

  • >99% Glyphosate reduction

  • >98% VOC's reduction

  • >98% Heavy metals reduction

  • >98% THM (Trihalomethanes) reduction

  • >92% Nitrates reduction

  • >95% Fluoride reduction

  • Filtering Capacity - Chloramine 1750 gallons - Lead 1150 gallons

The Ceramic Mineral Ball cartridge is custom built for us by AquaCera and is not available from other vendors.

The Ceramic Mineral Ball cartridge structures and mineralizes your water. Your body requires structured water in order to thrive and if the water entering your body isn’t structured, your body has to expend energy structuring water before it can be used for intracellular and extracellular activities. That’s why customers will tell us they have more energy after drinking structured water.

Ceramic Mineral Balls are formulated with natural elements and minerals to revitalize, cleanse, mineralize and structure water.  


Tourmaline Ceramic Balls are formulated with tourmaline, clay and multi-functional health ceramic materials to naturally enhance and revitalize water. The balls boost essential minerals,  Ca, Mg, Li, Zn, Se, Sr, H2SiO3.

  • Mineralizes water

  • Eliminates peculiar odors in water

  • Rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other natural elements

  • Promoting digestion and overall health


Dechlorination Balls are formulated mainly by Calcium sulfite and Magnesium oxide. 

The balls have excellent capability to remove residual chlorine in the water while also inhibiting bacterial growth.  

Function of Dechlorination Ceramic Balls

1. Residual chlorine removal

2. Effciently and rapidly removes 99% residual chlorine

3.  Improve the content of dissolved oxygen

4. Inhibit microbe breeding


  •  Water activation 

  •  Increase dissolved oxygen and activate water

  • Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively

  •  Essential minerals maintains optimal health

  • Improve the taste of water

  • Inhibit microbe breeding

  • Test data (balls were placed in water for 24 hours)

    --ORP (mv): 160-300 increasing in 24 hours
    --Negative ion concentration (cm3): 1200-40000 increasing in 24 hours
    --Conductivity (mS/cm) : 0.035-0.125 increasing in 24 hours
    --PH: 0.41-1.55 increasing in 24 hours 


    1. Increase air negative ion concentration

    2. Increase dissolved oxygen and activate water

    3. Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively

    4. Essential minerals maintains optimal health

    5. Improve the taste of water

    6. Inhibit microbe breeding

MAGNETIC ENERGY BALLS - made of natural magnetic minerals, tourmaline, maifan stone and muyu stone.

As water is magnetized by interaction with the balls, the order of the water molecules gradually changes, and breakdown the hydrogen bonds of water molecules so that the association of water molecules change to single scattered molecules which promotes infiltration and dissolution attributes of the water molecule so it can be easy to penetrate the human body. Magnetized water may activate certain enzyme activity while also promoting the metabolism of nutrients.


1. Conditioning sub-health status

2. Accelerate blood circulation

3. Increase blood oxygen content

4. Strengthen body’s immune system

5. Enhances skin hydration

A Harmonizer cartridge is also included and can be set next to the unit or under your sink next to your cold water supply line

Ceramic mineral cartridges and AquaMetix filter should be replaced annually.  

This unit will not work with faucets with built-in sprayers.

The Twin HCP is 12 1/2" Tall. Base measures 4" x 9"

Replacement filters for this system are available in the web store. 

The CounterTop system is ideal for an apartment or in situations where an inline installation isn’t possible.

  • Attaching a Personal Harmonizer to your water line under your sink or setting it next to your CounterTop unit is also recommended.

  • Additional water treatment equipment may be necessary to address various other issues such as hard water, high iron content water or water with excess organic debris and other related water issues.

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