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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.


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Complete line of water structuring and energising units creating spring like water nature's way.




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The Handheld Hydro Energizer is a portable pour through water structuring device ideal for travel and portable use.

Our newly designed Hydro Energiser was created using plant based plastic.  Embedded within the housing is a sealed cartridge containing a crystalline mineral rich solution of spring water with all the elements of the periodic table. Water vortexing is created using turbine end fittings and a flow tube embedded with a spherical design.


  • Enhances flavour of any beverage or water

  • Diminishes bitterness of coffee (only pour cold coffee or tea through the Handheld).

  • Make liquors more enjoyable to drink

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do not pour hot liquids, (>110 degrees) into the unit.

  • Passing beer and soda through the unit will remove carbonation.

  • Rinse thoroughly after each use with beverages. Use warm soapy water and soak.

  • Optimum energisation occurs when passing water through the unit multiple times.

The Handheld Hydro Energiser is backed by a 30 day, 100% unconditional, money back guarantee.

"I recently took the Hydro device on a trip with a couple friends. I explained to them how structured water energises water/liquids and can help protect from hangovers. We used it everyday for 4 days with water and liquor. 3 out of the 4 days on our trip we drank pretty heavily and nobody had a hangover the next day! Not only that, everybody had a lot more en ergy in the morning then they previously felt they had when they were at home. One of them felt like it might be a placebo but on the 3rd day after heavy drinking and getting up without a hangover or headache he knew there was something the device was doing. One of them already place an order. Thanks Gary!” - Ugo Eze

“I have been structuring water since 2009 with an egg shaped clay vessel containing precious prills, tourmaline and shungite. I recently purchased a portable unit and noticed a big difference in water quality. My dog chooses hydro energised water over my other structured water. I also notice a detox effect in regards to toilet use. ” — Dan, Stockholm, Sweden

"I have used the Hydro for more than two years. I like the tasty energised water. Since the water is refreshing for rehydration of the body, I drink at least eight cups of water every day. The odour of my mouth is gone after drinking this energising water. My family uses the energised water for cleaning their face in the morning daily and the skin of my family members has become smooth and are refreshing. Acne on the face of my children disappeared. My wife had no more constipation after drinking the energised water. My wife uses the energised water to clean and soak vegetables and fruits and the vegetables and fruits are tasty an our children eat more of the vegetables than before.” - Chan Kwok Keung, Hong Kong  

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