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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.


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Complete line of water structuring and energising units creating spring like water nature's way.


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The Quad Flow CMB was recently added to our product line. This unit is outfitted with dual Ceramic Mineral Ball cartridges along with dual glass ball flow tubes in addition the dual Harmonizer cartridges.

4x's More Structuring Than Other Comparable Units In The Marketplace

  • No Electricity

  • All Natural Media

  • No Magnets

  • Brings Water Back To It’s Natural State

Your body requires structured water in order to thrive and if the water entering your body isn’t structured, your body has to expend energy structuring water before it can be used for intracellular and extracellular activities. That’s why users will tell us they have more energy after drinking structured water.


  • Enhances Cell Hydration

  • Improves Water Taste

  • Clarifies Water

  • Softer Healthier Skin

  • Improved heat retention for hot water

  • Reduces Chemical Use & Cleaning for Pool & Spa

  • Reduces sludge in septic tanks

How Does The Quad Flow Cleanse Water?

The Quad Flow mimics nature creating water infused with vital life force.

The Quad Flow structures and energizes water by subjecting it to vortex action and energy emitting elements.

The Quad Flow can attach to your water line using flex connectors available from your local hardware.  

Harmonizers cartridges are embedded with the housing for enhanced water energization. 


  • Quad Flow 12"w x 12"d  x 20"h - 22 lbs

  • Quad Flow CMB 12” x 12” x 24” - 34 lbs

Quad Flow Features

  • Four flow tubes filled with a triangular configuration of glass spheres to vortex water non-sacrificially for optimal structuring

  • Contains two Harmonizer cartridges embedded within the flow tubes for optimal transfer to water of natural EMF

  • No maintenance required

Quad Flow CMB Features

  • Similar to the Quad Flow but two of the flow tubes are replaced with Ceramic Mineral Ball cartridges which require annual replacement.

Read more about Ceramic Mineral balls.

Read more about how the Quad Flow works.

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Quad Flow Model:
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Household Gallons Per Minute Usage

  • Toilet 2 - 3 gpm

  • Shower 1.5 - 3 gpm

  • Bathroom faucet  1.5 gpm

  • Kitchen faucet 2 - 3 gpm

  • Dishwasher   2 - 4 gpm

  • Washing machine 3 - 5 gpm

Quad Flow Install Guide

Best Choice Water Supply Lines For The Quad Flow Install Are Stainless Steel Braided Hoses (Check Out Image Above)