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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.


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Complete line of water structuring and energising units creating spring like water nature's way.


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An excellent choice for homes with two people or less and works best when using up to three gallons of water per minute. The HydroZ carbon filter is not third party certified. Pre and post testing should be done to confirm filter effectiveness for your application.

  • Whole House  

  • Greenhouse

How Does The HydroZ Enhance Water?

The Hydro Energiser mimics nature creating healthy clean water infused with vital life force.

The HydroZ structures, energises and filters water with micro-vortexing using ceramic mineral balls, a Harmonizer cartridge, and physical filtration using Zeo/Carbon filtration. 

A choice of carbon filtering media is available based on your water quality. If you're unsure of your water quality, contact us and we'll help you figure out which carbon is most appropriate for your application.

  • Granulated Activated Carbon for chlorine reduction and general cleansing of water.

  • Catalytic Carbon for chloramines reduction and general cleansing of water.

  • Bone Char for fluoride reduction and general cleansing of water.


  • Filter options to meet your needs

  • Taste and odor improvement

  • Structuring and energizing with ceramic mineral balls

  • Reduction of toxins and chemicals

  • Heavy metals reductions

  • Protection from pathogens

  • Particulate removal down to 5 microns

The Ceramic Mineral Ball cartridge and Zeo/Carbon filter should be replaced annually. 

For more effective and thorough removal of toxins, we offer AquaMetix filtration in our portable,  under sink, counter top and whole house purification systems. AquaMetix filters are not available for the HydroZ at this time.  

Yearly cost filter replacement: $232 Ceramic Mineral Cartridge / $87 Zeo Filter

What's the differences between the HydroZ and Quad Flow?

Quad Flow Features

  • Uses four flow tubes filled with a triangular configuration of glass spheres to vortex water non-sacrIficially for optimal structuring

  • Contains two Harmonizer cartridges embedded within the flow tubes for optimal transfer to water of natural EMF

  • No maintenance required

HydroZ Features

  • Uses Ceramic Mineral Balls to structure water sacrificially while also creating alkaline, ionized, hydrogen rich water

  • Infuses beneficial natural EMF into the water via Ceramic Mineral Balls

  • Filters water using zeolite granules, granulated activated carbon and a choice of bone char, catalytic carbon or granulated activated carbon.

Enter choice of carbon filter in notes at check out or contact us for assistance.

The HydroZ can also be outfitted with a scale free cartridge instead of a carbon filter.

Please call us with questions or to customize your order.

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Annual replacement of Zeo and Ceramic Mineral Ball cartridges required

  • Heavy duty "Big Blue" housing with pressure relief valve

  • NSF certified materials

  • Max. pressure: 75 psi

  • Dimensions: 8" deep x 30" high x 18" wide

  • Weight 45 lb

Household Gallons Per Minute Usage

  • Toilet 2 - 3 gpm

  • Shower 1.5 - 3 gpm

  • Bathroom faucet  1.5 gpm

  • Kitchen faucet 2 - 3 gpm

  • Dishwasher   2 - 4 gpm

  • Washing machine 3 - 5 gpm