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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.

Whole House Hydro Energizer Water Enhancement System


Complete line of water structuring and energising units creating spring like water nature's way.

Whole House Hydro Energizer Water Enhancement System


Whole House Hydro Energizer Water Enhancement System



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  • Creates structured & energized water
  • Adds vital life force elements
  • Removes or reduces heavy metals, iron, chlorine, fluoride, pathogens, chemicals, chloramines
  • Improves Water Taste
  • Reduces Scale Build-Up

How Does The Hydro Energiser Cleanse Water?

The Hydro Energiser mimics nature using two processes to create healthy clean water infused with vital life force.

Process #1 is an energetic process: The Hydro Energizer structures and energises water by subjecting it to micro-vortexing and the electromagnetic frequencies of virtually all elements of the periodic table in addition to a wide array of  energy emitting minerals, including quartz, tourmaline, shungite and more.

Process #2 is a physical process: The Hydro Energizer cleanses water as it flows through a series of filtering media comprised of zeolite, shungite, tourmaline, quartz, amethyst minerals, catalytic carbon, KDF85 (copper & zinc) and lastly an anti-scaling media that keeps life enhancing calcium and magnesium elements in the water. 


  • Less pressure loss
  • Improved water flow
  • Enhanced descaling 
  • Iron removal for water containing 3ppm or less
  • Heavy metals reductions
  • Fluoride reduction
  • Chloramine reduction
  • Hydrogen sulfide elimination
  • Chlorine elimination
  • Protection from pathogens
  • Particulate removal down to 5 microns
  • Taste and odor improvement
  • Enhanced structuring and energizing features

The end result is water rich with health enhancing minerals and cleansed of chloramines, fluoride, chemicals, heavy metals, iron, toxins and pathogens.  

We can't guarantee 100% removal of fluoride, chemicals, heavy metals, iron, toxins and pathogens. Efficiency will be determined by water quality flowing through the unit and we encourage you to test your water periodically to determine water quality.

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Home Hydro-Z Features:

  • Structuring & Energising U-Tube - sits on top of the filter housing frame and never requires replacement.

  • Filter Housing #1 - Mixed Mineral Zeo-filter - removes or reduces chemicals, pathogens, chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals, iron and particulates down to five microns.

  • Refillable Zeo-filter canister - Refill or replace every 6 months or when pressure drops or when water quality diminishes or when water test indicate unacceptable toxicity
  • Filter Housing #2 - TAC Anti-Scaling canister - Life enhancing elements, calcium and magnesium remain in the water but don't create scale.

  • Refillable TAC Anti-Scaling canister - Refill or replace every two years. 

  • Heavy duty "Big Blue" housing with pressure relief valve

  • End fittings and shut-off valves included.

  • NSF certified materials

  • Specifications:

    Max. pressure: 75 psi
    Dimensions: (mm) 195 - 8" (L) x 830 - 33" (H)  x 450 - 18" (W)  

  • Weight 50 lb.