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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.


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Complete line of water structuring and energising units creating spring like water nature's way.


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from 699.00

The HydroZ comes with dual Big Blue housings which will filter, structure and energize water for your whole house.

With our newer, upgraded model, structuring, filtering and energising are all accomplished within the dual Big Blue filter housings with no need for adjunct products to structure or energise. Additional filtering may be required at your faucet for drinking depending on the toxicity load of your water.

How Does The Big Blue Filtration System Enhance Water?

The Big Blue mimics nature creating healthy, clean water infused with vital life force using a wide array of natural minerals and elements to filter, structure and energise water.

Carbon media included in your system will vary depending on whether or not your water contains flouride or chloramines. If you're unsure which carbon filtering media to order, contact us and we'll help you figure out which carbon is most appropriate for your application.

  • Granulated Activated Carbon for chlorine reduction and general cleansing of water.

  • Catalytic Carbon for chloramines reduction and general cleansing of water.

  • Bone Char for fluoride reduction and general cleansing of water.

  • If your water utility uses both chloramines and flouride, you will need a one filter with bone char and the other filter with activated carbon. (This would need to be confirmed in the notes section when placing your order or by contacting us).


  • Filters water using zeolite, copper, zinc and other minerals and elements as well as either, bone char, catalytic carbon or granulated activated carbon.

  • Taste and odor improvement

  • Structuring. energizing and filtering with ceramic mineral balls and the Harmonizer cartridge

  • Reduction of toxins and chemicals

  • Heavy metals reductions

  • Protection from pathogens

  • Improved hydration for drinking and bathing

Yearly cost per filter replacement: $140.00 a Ceramic Mineral Ball cartridge and $112.00 for a zeo/carbon/mineral ball filter. The Big Blue contains two filters

Pre and post water testing should be done to determine effectiveness for your application. Water test strips can be purchased from Amazon.

The best way to filter, structure and energize water is to subject it to these enhancement processes, as much as possible before consuming or bathing in it. This is a motivating factor in all my product designs. My most effective water enhancement systems are the combintion series using top loading filter housings with AquaMetix filters in conjunction with the Quad Flow CMB. Your options for these systems are listed here.  

The top of the line choice for your family would be our MR series.. Your water would be subjected to up to four cycles of filtration using AquaMetix filters and Ceramic Mineral Balls and up to four cycles of structuring and energizing using glass spheres and Ceramic Mineral Balls.

The HydroZ or the CF10 used in conjunction with our Under Sink Triple Stage unit are also excellent choices each with their own benefits.

Pros and Cons of the MR series, the HydroZ and the CF10

  • ​AquaMetix filters used in the MR series are proven and superior to any toxicity filtration cartridges anywhere, and are third party tested for removal of heavy metals and chemicals / The HydroZ is our economy option and filtration isn’t third party certified / The CF10 uses third party tested media with years of proven effectiveness

  • The top loading MR systems make it easy to change filters / The bottom loading Big Blue filter housings are suitable for smaller households and are not as convenient to replace / The CF10 will requires no maintenance for five years.

  • ​AquaMetix filters and CMB cartridges replacement cost $680 / HydroZ filter replacement cost $430.00 per year / CF10 $300 every 5 years

  • One year warranty parts and performance.​ Satisfaction gauranteed in regards to filtering or your money back on all our products.

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  • Heavy duty "Big Blue" housing with pressure relief valve

  • NSF certified materials

  • Dimensions: 8" deep x 30" high x 18" wide

  • Weight 35 lbs

Household Gallons Per Minute Usage

  • Toilet 2 gpm

  • Shower 2 gpm

  • Bathroom faucet  1.5 gpm

  • Kitchen faucet 2 gpm

  • Dishwasher   3 gpm

  • Washing machine 3 gpm

    Hydro Z Installation Manual