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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.

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Complete line of water structuring and energising units creating spring like water nature's way.




from 32.00

Whole House Filter - $87.00 each.

Under Sink Filter - $32.00 each.

Our Hydro Energizer Whole House and Under Sink Water Enhancement systems are fitted with two filter housings for more effective filtration of contaminants.

The Zeo-Filter contains zeolite, bone char, shungite, rutile quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and tourmaline granules. 

Zeolite volcanic ash contributes health enhancing minerals to the water making it taste great while also reducing chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, fluorides, pathogens and particulates greater than 5 microns. Read more about zeolite here.

Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline fullerene mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent of carbon. It was first discovered near Shunga village, in Karelia, Russia, from where it gets its name. 

This unique black carbon, silicate mineral possesses powerful cleansing properties reducing bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, volatile organics, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, and fluoride while at the same time enhancing water taste and quality. 

We also use various types of Quartz in  our mineral blend because of its "Piezoelectric properties" As water flows over quartz crystals, electrical energy is created and passed into the water creating water with a softer feel.  After interacting with quartz, water is  more penetrating or 'wetter' which in turn contributes to an increase in soap lather and a fresher feel after taking a shower or soaking in this water.  

Tourmaline also possesses piezoelectric qualities and emits energy in the far infra red wavelength.  EMF within this wavelength has many health enhancing benefits. 

Bone Char outperforms all other media in regards to reducing fluoride in water. Bone char also removes arsenic, heavy metals and chlorine from water.

Our exclusive blend of highly energized minerals all work to energize water, clean water and enhance water quality and taste. 

Check the web store for more filter cartridge options.

An Ultra Toxin Filtration System is available in our web store for whole house applications. 


Simple remove the filter cartridge and replace with the new filter. 


  • When water quality changes
  • When water pressure drops
  • When water test reveals unacceptable toxicity

When purchasing two filters, use this code, TF at checkout for a 20% discount off your filter purchase.  

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