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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.


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Complete line of water structuring and energizing units creating spring like water nature's way.


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Backordered. Will ship within 2 weeks.

The PORTABLE WATER SOLUTION  is a two liter, personal, gravity feed filter, water filter and energization system.

  • Outfitted with our highly effective AquatMetix carbon filter

  • Non-sacrificial mineral impregnated silicone pad

  • Ceramic Mineral Ball pour through pouch

Manufactured from high grade stainless steel, it is portable and lightweight. It comes complete with a nylon carrying bag to keep the system neat & tidy while traveling. 

The PORTABLE WATER SOLUTION system is very easy to assemble, requiring no tools to set up. The upper chamber neatly nests into the lower chamber making for easy transport of the unit.

  1. AquaMetix® QuickDrip carbon filter reduces/removes:

    •  Chlorine, lead, mercury and VOC s.

    •  Chloramines, metals, and fluoride.

    •  High capacities for chemical reductions.

    •  High flow, water within minutes.

    •  No priming, no carbon fines.

    •  QuickDrip filter is specially designed for municipal water use. 

    • Silver impregnated to prevent bacteria growth

    • 1150 gallons - chloramines

    • 750 gallons - lead, mercury and VOC's

    • Independently tested to meet or exceed ANSI/NSF Standards

    • Recommended change frequency is every 12 months.

  2. Mineral balls create micro vortexing as water is poured over the balls.

  3. Mineral impregnation within the water chamber creates energized water.

    The Ceramic Mineral Balls enhance and add energy to your water. Your body requires structured water in order to thrive and if the water entering your body isn’t structured, your body has to expend energy structuring water before it can be used for intracellular and extracellular activities. That’s why customers will tell us they have more energy after drinking structured water.

Additional Features:

  • Includes 1 filter & nylon carrying bag

  • 1/2 Gallon/ 2 Liter total capacity - Upper and Lower chamber combined

  • Easy to use, no power required & no priming of filters

  • Excellent for travel use, or desktop use at work

  • Lower chamber can be used as a cup

  • Ideal for emergency situations, camping, travel or everyday use

Assembled - 14.25" High x 3.75" Wide

Collapsed - 9.25" High x 3.75" Wide

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  1. Remove the housing and filter from their protective packaging, checking each item against the diagram.

  2. Wash and rinse stainless steel housing before assembly.

  3. Place the sealing washer (5) over the threaded part of the filter element (4).

  4. Place the element (4) into the hole in the base of the upper section (1).

  5. Screw the wing nut (6) onto the threaded part of the filter element extending through the base of the upper section. Hand-tighten the wing nut to seal and compress the sealing washer to secure the filter element in place.

  6. Place the upper section (1) onto the bottom section (2) and place the lid (3) on top of the unit. Assembly is now complete.

  7. Rinse mineral balls under cold running water for about 20 seconds and place over the filter cartridge. .

  8. The ceramic mineral ball poly bag can placed in the reservoir for additional mineralization after pouring water into the top section containing the filter.

  9. The first supply of filtered water should be discarded as it may contain loose material washed from the filter element.


1. Remove lid (3) and fill upper section (1) with water.
2. Filtered water will collect in the bottom section (2) ready for use.

NEVER use soap or detergents to clean the filter element. 3. Reassemble the element as detailed above.

Regular cleaning of the housing is recommended, use mild soap and a non-abrasive material to clean the stainless steel.

This gravity filter is designed to remove harmful bacteria and harmful chemicals from water; it will not remove dissolved solids.


AquaMetix® GB & Ceramic Mineral Balls

  • Silver impregnated to prevent bacteria growth

  • 1150 gallons - chloramines

  • 750 gallons - lead, mercury and VOC's

  • Independently tested to meet or exceed ANSI/NSF Standards


1.  Do you drink the purified, functional water out of the bottom cup of the module or can you pour the water into a glass and drink without losing it’s structured quality?

es, the bottom cup is designed to just capture the water. You can drink from it or transfer to a cup and the structure will not be affected.

2.  If you don’t drink the entire amount that was filtered, can you leave the remaining purified water in the bottom cup?

es, you can leave water in the bottom cup for as long as you wish.

3.  How long can purified & structured  water stay at the bottom cup before it’s structured quality fades?

Water left in the bottom cup will not fade in structure but the ORP and the H2 created by the ceramic mineral balls will be reduced the longer it sets, as it gases off.

4.  Does this module or the filtered water need to go in the fridge?

It doesn't need to be stored in the fridge.

5.  My understating is that if I filter water without the “little balls”, the water will simply be purified and only if I use the little balls will the water become structured.  Is that correct?

Correct. The ceramic mineral balls also contribute to filtering, ORP, mineralization and increased H2.

6.  If I want to take purified/structured water on the road, can I put it into a thermos like container and drink without worry that it will become contaminated or lose it’s crystalline nature?  Is the structured water crystalline?  Can you call it phase 4 water?

It will stay structured in your thermos and will not become contaminated and yes, structured water is crystalline water.  Phase 4 is a catchy term. I would just call it water in it's natural state, clean, structured and energised.

7.  What’s the best way to take clean, functional water with me when I go out and about my day?

It's best to store it in an air tight container, to maintain ORP and H2 levels but it's still going to be very healthy for you regardless of which way you store it. 

8.  Lastly, when filtering (and this is true whether I use the “little balls” or not, the last bit of water that waits to be filtered does’t seem to move.  I am left with about a 1/5 of the water hanging around the bottom of the filtering cup and I simply toss it out.  Am I doing something wrong?  

The last bit of water left in the bottom of the filtering cup has been partially treated by the ceramic mineral balls but not filtered by the carbon filter or the minerals in the bottom cup. That's up to you what you prefer to do with this water.

9.  Can I mix stuff in the purified/structured water (protein powder, green powder, collagen, etc.) without loosing the effect?  


10.  Saw a video that suggested structured/alkaline water, simply alkalized stomach acid (not good) but doesn’t necessarily alkalize the body.  Any information to refute this?

This refers to water artificially alkalinized by electric ionizes which don't created water as found in nature.  I would stay away from this kind of alkaline water.  Check out the article on alkaline water in the 'Latest News' section of my website.