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Structured Water and Energised Water Systems. Structured water facts. Buy Structured Water Systems for best quality water. Structured Water Information.



Physics can be defined as, “The study of matter and energy, and the interaction between them”.

Nature uses the vortex as a renewal and rejuvenation tool by drawing in energy which then works upon matter.
Matter and energy are the basic building blocks for everything.
Matter and energy within water holds the key for overcoming our unhealthy dependency on chemicals and other polluting energy sources.

We can learn much from observing and contemplating the interactions between matter and energy in nature but for the most part its not happening.

Following are factors responsible for the degradation of life on earth:
   1.    The sciences and religion are fractured and departmentalised.

    2.    Physicists and scientists are enamoured with research for the sake of research.

    3.    Due to man’s moral brokenness, he is working against nature and not with nature.

    4.    The whole world is under the sway of the Evil One.

Solutions to the dilemmas we face are easily solvable but not easily accomplished.

Here is my Physics FAQ for some of the perplexing issues physicists are attempting to explain:

        Question: What are the basic building blocks of matter?
        Answer: The basic building blocks of all matter is the hydrogen atom.
        Question: What is the basic building block of energy?
        Answer: Created light is the source of all electromagnetic radiation.
        Question: How does the Sun keep on shining?
        Answer: The sun is an energy converter as is every material form and everything is in a sea of energy and energy signatures are manifest based on what material form energy is interacting with.
        Question: How can we solve so many of the pollution issues we face today?
        Answer:  Using both proper motion and correct EMF will correct all pollution issues.
        Question: How did the universe begin?
        Answer:  The universe was created literally by God’s verbal commands.
        Question: How will the universe change in the future?
        Answer: Due to brokenness of the human race and rebellion against God, mankind working under the influence of the Evil One, is going make the earth uninhabitable to the point where God will finally intervene and rebuild it.
        Question: What will happen to mankind?
        Answer: Mankind was created in the image of God and cannot be destroyed.  He will live forever in a continual state of perfect peace, or a continual state of weeping and gnashing of teeth.


The whole universe is made up of water.
All beings are made up of water.
The vital airs are the effects of water;
cows are also the effect of water,
food comes from water, all the kingdoms, cosmos…

— Vedic Texts, Mahanarayana Uphanishad 4.29
For they willingly forget the fact that the heavens existed long ago by the word of God, and the earth was formed out of water and by water.
— 2 Peter 3:5

Hydrogen is the first element on the Periodic Table.

Hydrogen broken down means hydro, (water) and gen, (beginning)

Hydrogen is the building block from which all other elements of the
Periodic Table are built.

Humans are not 70% water, we are 100% water and everything is 100% water in different configurations and densities.

These are forgotten facts.

This is real science.

Welcome to reality!


The Creator Mapping Out The Water & Land At The Beginning Of Time.

The Creator Mapping Out The Water & Land At The Beginning Of Time.

The condition of our world and of mankind is reflected in our water.

Structured water is the creation of a structured mind.

In the beginning, all water was perfectly informed, structured and energised.

Man corrupted nature as a consequence of not honoring God

It is best to observe and contemplate natural forces and their effect on water. By doing so,  products can be created from observations and contemplatins that can benefit plants, animals, people and the environment.

Water is what we are composed of along with created light and the un-created light of God’s breath breathed into us. All elements on the periodic table are constructed of the hydrogen element. The definition for hydrogen is: water in the beginning.

All creation groans for redemption because all creation is composed of water and thus connected. The grievous reverberations of ancient man’s fall in the garden spread throughout all creation and is with us until redemption is complete with the return of Christ.

God used two ingredients to create the world and the cosmos: water and light. Creation is made up of water and light in different densities, configurations and combinations.

Mankind lives in a perpetually ungrateful state and because of mankind’s brokenness, we are continually given over to destroying what God has made, whether it be our fellow man or the environment.

Mankind was judged once before by water and the earth was flooded and only Noah, his family and the animals on the ark survived God’s just judgement.

Because of our wretched condition, mankind will be once more be judged and it will be a final judgement by fire. This time God will provide another ark and it will be Christ Himself. All those that enter into the Ark of Christ will be saved from the eternal fires prepared for the Evil one, the demons and all those that refuse to bow to Christ, Lord of the universe.

After the final judgement, a new earth and new heavens will be built from the ashes and Christ shall reign forever and all sorrow, tears and violence will be put away never to return again and we shall live forever in peace and harmony with our Creator in a place where the waters will provide refreshment forever and forever.


Can structured water be considered pseudoscience?
Why isn’t structured water recognised by mainstream science?

Modern science is the pseudoscience and it is built on lies, false theories and assumptions promoted as truth

The elite who control the world use false science to keep the masses from having access to free energy so they can continue to amass their fortunes.

Do a google search on ‘structured water’ or ‘energised water’ and note what listing always comes up at or near the top of the page.

The Quad Flow is a free energy device inspired by true science, not modern or pseudoscience.

The Quad Flow design was inspired by these simple foundational principles:

  • All matter is composed of hydrogen atoms

  • Hydro/gen can be defined as ‘water in the beginning’

  • Water is the source of all material forms

  • Water is composed of all 92 elements listed on the Periodic Table

  • This kind of water fills all oceans on earth and is called seawater

  • Seawater contains all the basic components necessary for the physicalness of all organic and inorganic forms

  • All material forms are vessels interacting with energy

  • All forms communicate with one another via energy transmissions

  • All material forms are connected

  • All material forms are water

  • All material forms are composed of hydrogen atoms in various configurations

  • Water receives energy, holds energy and transmits energy

  • Energy is everywhere

  • All energy is composed of electromagnetic frequencies, (EMF)

  • Light is the source of all energy

  • Energy is identified by wave form or frequency

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum lists all energy types

  • There are only two kinds of energies present on earth, created and uncreated energies

  • The created energies which are manifest and identified as light, energy, information, code, electromagnetic radiation or EMF are listed on the EMF Spectrum as radio waves, TV waves, shortwave, microwaves…etc..,and these naturally occurring energies are synthetically created, imitated and corrupted.

  • The un-created energies are those energies which created everything and these uncreated energies can be identified as the intelligence which created earth and heaven.

Matter is separated from energy, yet matter cannot be known apart from energy and cannot be known apart from matter.
Matter is separate from energy, yet matter cannot be known apart from energy and energy cannot be known apart from matter.
— Gary Greenfield
There is no energy in matter other than that which is received from the environment.
— Nikola Tesla – Greatest Scientist of the 20th Century
Note how on all EMF Spectrum Charts, our attention is always drawn towards man-made or man corrupted EMF energies. Where are the reminders of natural EMF?

Note how on all EMF Spectrum Charts, our attention is typically drawn towards man-made or man corrupted EMF energies.  Where are the reminders of natural EMF?

The Ultimate Question

What is the cause of all things?

Only that which is uncreated can be the cause of first things.
Modern science doesn’t address the source of original matter or energy.

Modern science teaches that order evolved out of chaos which is impossible without intelligent intervention.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.
— Genesis 1:1-2
The Creator At Work

The Creator At Work In The Beginning

God was hovering over the waters in the beginning of time, time as it relates to the creation of the world we live in. The waters were dark, without form, still and void.  

The waters were empty, dark, formless, still. The waters were frozen in the absence of light which provides heat, animation and life.

These were the waters the Spirit of God was hovering over.  What was God doing as He was hovering over the waters?

God was contemplating, planning and designing the blueprints for earth and heaven.

The most succinct definition of God can described in one word: love. As God was hovering over the waters, His love was permeating and filling the waters.

How did this love manifest itself in the waters? It was manifested in the creation that occurred over the course of the week it took for God to create the heavens and earth.

As God hovered over the waters, He imparted into the waters, the blueprints for everything He was preparing to call into existence over the next week of creation.

So water contains the mind of the God, the creativeness of God, the thoughts of God, the plans God had for all of creation. The thoughts and verses God imparted into the waters remained static until He created light.

When light was created, the blueprints God had imparted into the water became material, animated, living entities.

Closing Thoughts

Energised water is able to break electromagnetic bonds. If water isn't structured, it can't accept the payload or have the capacity in the form of electromagnetic energy to do the work it has been pre-programmed to accomplish.

Water carries within it's molecular structure the code or information necessary to know what needs to be broken down and what needs to be built up.

The elements contained within water are God's little servants, feeding, cleaning and protecting everything, everywhere at all times and these elements are governed, configured and maintained by invisible code contained within water that was placed there by the Creator in the beginning.