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Percentages of removal will be based on water quality and quantity just as with any filtration system.

There is tons of research proving the various levels of efficiency and economy of natural zeolite to remove fluoride, chemicals, heavy metals and pathogens but unfortunately researchers are always seeking to develop a patentable process, so results are typically skewed because of the use of synthetic alternatives or chemically altered zeolite.

I've worked with this amazing mineral since 2010 but this is our first time actually creating a product to bring to market and the reason for my delay is due to having spent most of my time perfecting the structuring and energising processes of the Hydro Energiser.

Our focus for this coming year will now be on the physical filtration attributes of zeolite and we will be collecting data from our customers water testing and our own in house testing to more closely determine zeolite filtration effectiveness.

It is very odd but what I have found is that this mineral has been studied extensively for it's amazing attributes of being able to purify water yet we find few products in the marketplace using zeolite in it's natural state.

I believe this is due to zeolite being so effective and economical as a natural product and consequently there isn't a lot of money to be made with a natural and inexpensive product like zeolite.

So, the bottom line is this:

1. We know zeolite in its natural state is superior to other natural mineral based water treatment systems and synthetic alternatives.
2. We know we can deal with all toxins through a natural ion exchange process
3. We know zeolite has a ton of health enhancing benefits that are not widely known in the marketplace.
4. We know zeolite is cost efficient.
5.  We know structuring and energising water in and of itself is a powerful tool for dealing with toxins in water.
6. We know that combining zeolite filtration with structuring and energising will be a unique (at least in the marketplace), natural and powerful method for bringing water back to its natural purified state.

What we don't know exactly at this time are percentages of toxin removal which is going to vary with each water source and since we don't have the resources to do extensive lab research, we are going to be working with our customers as well as doing our own ongoing research to prove the exact effectiveness of the Hydro-Z and as we collect those results, we will post them.

This is the process by which I created the Hydro Energiser and it has resulted in providing unprecedented benefits in industry and agriculture and the reviews we've received from home use have been just as encouraging.  

As always, we will offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee if our product doesn't perform as stated.

Greenfield Naturals, since our beginning in 2009 has operated on the premise that natural processes without fail trump synthetic processes and are superior to all  chemical processes in effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

My practice has always been to create natural products based on a mix of faith, intuition and facts and nature has never ever let me down in proving the power of her amazing processes.

Note: Since writing this article, we have added other filter media and minerals to aid and enhance water purification.