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Waterline Hydro

The waterline energiser



fits any size pipe (no cutting required)

The Waterline Energiser is a water structuring unit that can be installed on a water line without opening up the pipe or having to cut a pipe.    The unit works through the principla of photonics alone.  Though vortexing is recommended for complete structuring of water, a desired effect can be achieved through exposure to the photonic effects of the minerals alone.  You and your family will enjoy softer water, scale-less pipes, better tasting water, easier cleaning, and better personal hydration.

We added a Hydro Energiser to our water line, and the first thing I noticed was a difference in the taste and smell – an obvious difference. The water is delicious, and all my friends and family agree.
— Beth, Highland Michigan

You may notice a temporary cloudiness or rust color to the water the first time you run water through your Home Hydro Energiser.  It is removing the scale and rust from the pipes and will continue to clean them over the near term.  A difference in the taste of the water should be noticeable after the first few minutes.  But give it a week or so to work.

Within a few minutes of installing a Hydro onto my daughter’s water line, she had to call a plumber because of the black gook clogging the kitchen drain (she lives in a very old house with very old plumbing). Her drain now works better than it ever has and she is now drinking her tap water instead of purchasing bottled water.
— Ron, Moscow, Idaho

Pipe fitting types and sizes are specified at the time of check-out.  The unit can be installed with water flow in either direction.  It is bi-directional.

WARRANTY - All Hydro Energiser products carry a 1 year unconditional warranty.  If ever you are not happy with the results the product is producing, you may return it for a full refund.




WARRANTY - All Hydro Energiser products carry a 1 year unconditional warranty.  If ever you are not happy with the results the product is producing, you may return it for a full refund.




The Hydro Energiser is designed for easy installation onto the cold water supply line. The unit is bi-directional.

These instructions are according to typical plumbing methods. Actual installations must be adapted to individual requirements and regional codes. We have made every effort to ensure accuracy and reliability of the information, instructions, and directions. However, neither the dealer nor the manufacturer will accept responsibility for misinterpretation of the directions or human error. Be sure to know where the main water shut off is located before starting. 

1.  Locate the water service line entering the home and turn off the water service line. 

2.  Open a nearby cold water faucet (cold water faucets are generally on the right side of the faucet unit) leave open until water stops flowing to ensure water is completely turned off, then shut off faucet to relieve pressure.

3.  The Hydro Energiser as shipped may be installed onto a 1/2" to 1" diameter copper, PEX, CPVC pipe or any other type water line.  Each unit end is fitted with PVC slip joints which are designed to accept the appropriate PVC fitting for your water pipe application. 

4.  Connect the unions on each end of the Hydro Energiser. Measure the full length of the assembled unit and connectors. In most cases you will subtract two (2) inches off the assembled length of the water conditioning unit; this will be the amount to cut and remove from the service water line.

5.  Hold the assembled Hydro Energiser in place where the water line is to be cut to ensure enough space is available; length and depth.

6.  Using an appropriate cutting tool to cut the pipe to the length determined in step 4. Have a towel available to soak up residual water which will drain when the water line is cut. Please see to the edges and rough surfaces are clean and burr or grit from the cut are removed.

7.  Retain removed waterline for later use as a bypass in case your Hydro unit is to be removed at a later date.

8.  Ensure that there are no scratches, gouges or any form of damage on the circumference of the tubing at least 1 in. (25.4 mm) within or around the cut end. Damage in this area may cause leakage. Check the fittings for any signs of damage or foreign objects.

9.  Once the tubing cut is square and clean and measure 1” and mark the insert depth on the outside of the tubing. This mark is used to ensure that the joint is assembled correctly.  

10.  Each particular installation will vary based according to pipe composition and fitting choices. Follow standard industry installation procedures particular to the type of pipe and fittings to be used when connecting the Hydro Energiser.  See installation video on the gn website for correct installation procedures when using SharkBite fittings.

11.  Ensure the black rubber o-rings are present on both of the PVC union connections. Place the Hydro unit between the union connections and hand tighten the unions (do not use tools to tighten).

12.  Turn on the water service supply line slowly and inspect the unit installation to ensure there are no leaks, turn on the nearby water faucet (from step 2) to purge air out of the water line until water runs smoothly all the burping has stopped, then close faucet & check for leaks again. 

13. Your Hydro Energiser is now installed and will provide you with many years of faithful service without additional expense, parts replacement or filter changes.  

14. Your Hydro Energiser will remove minerals deposits in your water pipes and appliances that use water. Storage tank style water heaters may need to be flushed after the first ninety days as mineral deposits may have accumulated in the bottom of the tank. 

15.  Loose deposits may also build up at faucet aerators & screened washers on washing machine hoses. These may need to be cleaned periodically until all foreign deposits are removed or dissolved. Chunks of deposits in cold water pipes may get lodged the valves of toilets and in the sprayer wand of your dishwasher. It will eventually dissolve and wash away although you may need to assist the process if clogging of spray nozzles occurs.

Click to view video instruction video for Shark Bites end fittings which are used with copper and pex pipe.