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What is zeolite?




I was first introduced to this remarkable mineral, zeolite in 2009. Since then, I have used zeolite as mineral supplement and water purifier.  In order for water to possess spring like qualities, it must be structured and energised but water also needs to mingle with natural minerals and zeolite is one of those stand out minerals that can be used to bring water back to its natural state. 

Zeolite Miracle Mineral Detoxifier (Clinoptilolite)

Through a unique cation exchange capacity, removes all harmful toxins from all aqueous environments both internally and externally enhancing human, plant, animal health as well as improving water and food quality.




















Cation Exchange Capacity

Zeolite is one of the only negatively charged minerals in the world allowing it to be able to have what is called a “cation exchange capacity” or CEC. This CEC is the most outstanding property of zeolite making it an ideal detoxifying agent. CEC occurs when two or more positively charged compounds or elements exchange places on a negatively charged host such as zeolite. The most common exchangeable cations found in natural zeolite molecules are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium which are all building blocks for good health. The ability to release beneficial elements while capturing and binding elements that are detrimental to life makes zeolite an ideal mineral for the selective and intelligent adsorption of toxic elements harbored within the body.

Absorption & Adsorption

Zeolite has an open framework molecular structure meaning it is very porous to the point that it can absorb 55% its own weight making it a virtual molecular sponge. The pores extend deep into the molecular strata of the zeolite resulting in a high surface area. The depth of these pores allow for continuous effective absorption. Zeolites high internal surface area, physical strength and ion exchange properties account for its exceptional absorption capabilities for heavy metals, radioactive elements and a multitude of other elements harmful to life. Zeolite does not swell as it absorbs. The honeycomb molecular structure allows for the high absorption per weight without losing its structural integrity.

Surface Charge Density

A very significant and often overlooked property of zeolite is its surface charge density. This charge density is a function of the number of cation exchange sites per unit area in zeolite and the reactivity of the surface. The charge density and cation exchange capacity can vary between the internal surfaces of the zeolite, which are accessible only to small ions and molecules, and the external surfaces of the zeolite, which are accessible to most chemicals regardless of size. A high surface charge density means there are many more cation exchange sites on the external surface of the zeolite lattice. The more numerous and readily available the sites means the faster the exchange can occur. Zeolite is considered a “permanently living” element.

Safe And Intelligent Properties

Zeolite clinoptilolite has a strictly calibrated pore size (about 4 Angstroms – A). This allows a zeolite structure to be absorbent only in relation to ions of micro­ and macro­ elements and structures of small sizes (ammonia, hydrogen sulphate, methane, etc, without getting in direct contact with vitamins, amino acids, proteins and other complex organic structures). Which means, that compared to other sorbents which should not normally be taken longer than two weeks, clinoptilolite can be used for a long time, since it does not absorb (and consequently does not extract) the above mentioned important substances (vitamins, amino acids, proteins, etc.) out of the body. Zeolite simply cannot absorb them due to a small structure of its channels. Natural zeolites can't be absorbed into the digestive system and cannot enter into the blood circulation in their crystalline form. They pass in transit, only interacting with the body on the the selective ionic exchange level when in contact with the blood and lymphatic vessels of the intestinal wall, providing micro­ and macro­ elements, collecting toxins and acting as a catalyst in chemical reactions.


  • Reduces fluoride

  • Reduces heavy metals: iron, manganese, zinc, copper, cadmium, lead

  • Reduces pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides

  • Reduces nitrates & nitrites

  • Adjusts pH

  • Eliminates odors

Instructions For Personal Use

One half to one teaspoon per day per serving of zeolite as needed. Zeolite powder mixes best with smoothies, milk, juice, water or a hot cereal and can also be added to the recipe of any baked goods although additional liquid may be needed due to zeolites absorption attributes. Zeolite will dry out the digestive tract, therefore be sure to drink enough water to maintain adequate hydration. As a side note, if your water isn't structured, it is very likely toxic?

This product is presently available from our web store for water filtration use only as the mesh size is too large for personal ingestion.  I would advice customers to only purchase zeolite powders in their natural, unadulterated state and avoid liquid zeolite which in my opinion is worthless.

Historical Use

The FDA list zeolite as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and has undergone thirteen years of pharmaceutical research in the USA and has traditionally been used throughout Asia as a mineral supplement remedy.

Zeolite Research

Research was conducted at the Ruder Bosković Institute* determined that when mice and dogs suffering from a various types of tumors were fed finely ground clinoptilolite, it lead to an overall improvement in health, extended life span and a decrease in tumor size. Amazingly, skin cancers treated topically with Zeolite clinoptilolite also reduced tumor formation and growth. There were found to be no toxic or negative effects from Zeolite treatments. Finely ground zeolite was also found to block cell growth in several cancer cell lines in vitro tissue culture studies.

Studies like this will not gain merit with the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, the AMA, the FDA or Big Pharma. Why? Because natural cures are not money makers and giving merit to natural cures would bring down the trillion dollar cancer industry. How can an oncologist make money if he isn’t administering expensive radiation or chemotherapy treatments that are proven to kill more people than the actual cancer?

May God have mercy on those that treat with disdain the natural products that can bring such blessings and healing to those that are sick and suffering with cancer. Rather than turn to these natural products which are thousands of times less expensive than their man created poisons and death machines, these poor men will gain their short lived riches and pleasures but will lose the eternal treasures that come from living righteous lives that place the welfare of others above their selfish interests.

Our Secret Weapon Against Invisible Enemies

Zeolite is basically a volcanic mineral of which there are forty-­eight varieties with Clinoptilolite having the most efficacious benefits for human, animal and plant health.

Natural zeolites consist of an open, three dimensional cage­-like structure with a vast network of lattice type channels running through out its framework. The zeolite framework is extremely stable and strong maintaining its characteristic construction even after being finely ground. Its channel structures are slightly larger than a molecule of H2O.

Zeolites most unusual and amazing characteristics are it’s “Cation Exchange Capacity” and it’s “Intelligent Ion Exchange” properties. Zeolite carries within its framework many elements of Periodic Table and is able to release beneficial minerals required by the body in exchange for toxic heavy metals, radiological particulates and chemical toxins which are both absorbed and adsorbed by the negatively charged zeolite granules as they pass through the digestive tract. All of this is accomplished in a safe, gentle and efficacious manner with zeolite never leaving the confines of the digestive system.

Zeolites are becoming increasingly popular for farm, ranch and industrial applications as well as for water filtration. For all of these uses including human applications, its performance is superior to synthetically based pharmaceuticals, artificial supplements or chemical based filtration. Additionally, it is safe, gentle and non ­allergenic with zero side effects except for the need to drink more water due to it’s amazing absorption qualities.


  • Add to water, milk, juice, wine or any beverage

  • Add to soups, baked goods, sauces

  • As a deodorizer for your carpets, in your fridge or wherever odors exist

  • For moisture control in your fridge, to extend freshness of food and for more efficient operation of your refrigerator

  • To soak up excess moisture and humidity anywhere

  • As a fertilizer for your plants, garden and yard

  • As an aid for erosion control

  • As a superior supplement in animal & poultry feed

  • As a superior alternative to sand filtration for pools

  • Add to your homemade toothpaste recipe of baking soda, sea salt & essential oils

  • For relief from diarrhea, indigestion and acidic stomach issues

  • As an aid for relief from many other body dysfunctions as listed in this article

Zeolite in powder from is available on Ebay. It is totally safe and need not be a pharmaceutical grade and definitely stay away from liquid forms of zeolite.




*Division of Molecular Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia.

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